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EC12 Hull & RMG Winch For Sale   RMD  Marine Hull, deck, rudder, and ballast.  White, new in the box.  RMG Winch and switch with BEC for use with 7.4v battery.  New.  Pictures on web site.
 + Shipping
Bill Oberpriller
305 972-8869  call anytime.
Ft Myers, FL.
EC12 For Sale    CMP Hull, JB Sails A & B rig.
 RMG winch with rmg switch/bec 
Pictures on Naples web site.
Bill Oberpriller
305 972-8869  call anytime.
Ft Myers, FL.
A pair of

Two fully refurbished Marblehead RC Sailboats complete and ready to sail with new radio’s & receivers and BRAND NEW carbon rigs with Wick Smith sails (800 sq. inches but 1.5 feet shorter than the older tall rigs, much more manageable).  Only requirement is new batteries (LiFe 2 cell, 1300 - 2000 mAh)    Only available as a pair.  Great boats for a family cottage or local pond. A Blue hull has a fixed keel.  A Red hull has a detachable keel. 
Email smfidler(AT) for more details. 
 Photos at ''
$1000 for  both,
+ shipping
Sean Fidler
248 977 7911
Detroit Area, Michigan
Beautiful, fast boat, recently completed, with Carr A & B rigs, sail case, Futaba 3004 rudder servo, TS80 180 deg. swing arm winch. Radio not included but available. Email for pix.
Phil Ehlinger
386 383 8415
Daytona Beach, FL


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Pond Models Wood Boats
Pond Model Collector Seeks Additions –  I am an avid pond model collector and am interested in any models AMYA  members may be deciding to part with. Interest is in mostly vintage  wooden boats, but modern wood finished as well. 
Please drop an e-mail  with pictures to sschertler(AT)
Steve Schertler
 Vortex Soling M
Vintage Vortex Soling M. Looking for a later model with aluminum rig, SS fittings, aluminum/lead keel. Radio and electronics not important. Will pay $1000 plus shipping.
Ira Perry
508 989 8146
Dartmouth, Ma.

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