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Under One Meter

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One Meter

Class Description Price Contact
US 1 Meter – Ozmun Design Magic Dragon hull #39, original owner, 2 main sails and 3 jibs, older Futaba 2 channel radio, winch and servos.  $375.00  reasonable offers will be considered. 
Pictures available upon request.
Tom Shaw
Holland, Michigan

Above 1 Meter

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Star 45
Star 45  ;    Add your receiver  and batteries and ready to sail.   Registered with the AMYA STAR 45 class. 
e-mail or call me for pictures and details


Art Lent
Cocoa, FL
 J Class Endeavour Hull #001 – Sail # 62
  •  Hull was built in 2015 by New England Model     Yachts (Chuck Luscumb)
  •  Custom composite Jake Leo sails
  •  Ludwig aluminium mast with a wooden Park Ave. style main boom.
  • Custom hand planked mahogany deck with mahogany hatches
  • RMG Sail Winch #380EL
  • Hitec 7980 TH Rudder Servo
  • Hitec 7950TH Jib trim Servo
  • Hitec 7950 TH main traveller trim servo
The boat has only been sailed in 1 regatta (Green Mountain J Day). Does not include Radio.
$5600.   Delivery or pick-up to be discussed and/or negotiated. **the J class has a way of networking to get boats moved around.  Email me: (George Townsend) spinnaker225(AT)   for pictures and any other info needed.
George Townsend
(802) 253 1922
Stowe, VT
50/800 Viper Marblehead 50/800 Originally designed by Bob Sterne.  
The model yacht is perfect, and ready to race.
Included is a single carbon-fiber "Traditional" Rig with new KB Sails. (Ken Bauser).  The Yacht includes a HS-645MG Rudder Servo, and Abel Sail Winch and 2.4ghz receiver.  
The Model Yacht also includes a Quantum GPS logging unit, which is quite fun to record data from the day's sailing.
This model is particularly well suited for heavy weather sailing due to the thin fiberglass decking material completely sealing the internal components.
$1750 Edward Wolfe
Salem, MA.
50/800 Viper Marblehead originally designed by Bob Sterne.  
The model yacht is perfect, and ready to race.  
Included is three carbon-fiber rigs, including one swing-rig.
 The Yacht includes a HS-645MG Rudder Servo along with RMG Smartwinch Spektrum Orange 2.4GHZ Receiver.
Additional amenities include a pond-side towel, and stand. This model yacht is of a particular pedigree having finished third place in the 2014 Marblehead National Championships, and holds a single gold chevron on it's starboard side to indicate it's placement for that event.  
Just add as Spektrum 2.4ghz transmitter and have some fun!
$2500 Edward Wolfe
Salem, MA.
50/800 Kisutch Marblehead 50/800 Originally designed by Bob Sterne.
The model Yacht is perfect, and ready to race.
Includes two rigs, and A-Rig and A B-Rig. 
The B-Rig is partially incomplete.
In order to complete the B-Rig one will simply need just one mast tang from Midwest Model Yachting to affix the jib head.  That's it!
A-Rig Sails are constructed by Bob Sterne. B-Rig
Sails are constructed by Graham Bantock / Sailsetc.
The Yacht includes a HS-645MG Rudder Servo. HS-645 Servo City mechanical arm winch. Spektrum Orange 2.4GHZ Receiver.
 Brass deck fittings and carbon-fiber rigs.
The boat includes a custom stand, and pond-side towel, as well as custom travel sail case from Marilynn Stall
Just add a Spektrum 2.4GHZ transmitter, Mast Tang and go sailing!
$1750 Edward Wolfe
Salem, MA.
EC12    1983 
RMD 0815
Ready to sail, extras
A & B sails and wood carrier
Thomas J Smith
Orlando FL


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Pond, Scale & Vintage

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 48”  International 110 
This model is ready to sail.  Built by Wooden Boat School staff member Alan Suydam for a two issue article in Wooden Boat magazine. 
This as a real collectors dream. 
Wooden Boat Issues # 216 and # 217 go with the boat. 
Located near Philadelphia.  Photos available.
Nick Mortgu
Philadelphia, PA

Misc Equipment

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Want Ads

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  Pond Model Collector Seeks Additions – 
I am an avid pond model collector and am interested in any models AMYA  members may be deciding to part with. Interest is in mostly vintage  wooden boats, but modern wood finished as well.     Please drop an e-mail  with  pictures to sschertler(AT)
Steve Schertler

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