The DragonForce 65 Class

Class Secretary
Darrell Krasoski
370 Palmetto Street
Oviedo, FL 32765
321 765-4442


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The DragonForce 65 is the fastest growing class of RC sailboats in the U.S. The boat has earned this distinction by being a great one-design sailing boat while being the least expensive ready-to-sail boat on the market. At around $200 for a boat with radio and receiver and about 2 hours of assembly and you're on the water.

The boat has fleets at nearly 100 clubs around the country. The clubs range from well-established AMYA clubs, full sized boat yacht clubs, school sailing teams to community association clubs. Within these clubs the boat is sailed from beginners to national champion skippers from many other classes.

An added benefit of the boat is the well-supplied and dedicated national distributor that provides excellent access to boats, parts and accessories allowed by the class rules.

Whether you are new to the sport, starting a new club or trying to revitalize your existing club the DragonForce 65 the boat of choice.


  • Overall Length — 655mm (25.8")
  • Beam — 116.5mm (4.57")
  • Mast Height — 915mm (36")
  • O.A.H — 1338mm (52.7")
  • Weight — 1200gr (2.64#) w/o batteries
  • "A" Rig Sail Area
    • Main — 14.6 (226.3
    • Jib — 7.66 (118.7
    • Overall — 22.26 (344 sq. in.)