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Just to give you an idea of scale..

Click on photos below for larger photo.

rclaserinside.jpg (240574 bytes)  Edina MYC's RC Laser indoor series
First Session...Start Line Jockeying...More to come...FUN!
Photo provided by tomweigel/#/ Tom Weigel
rclaser01th.jpg (11241 bytes)
Photo by Photoboat, provided by Jake Leo
rclaser02th.jpg (10548 bytes)
Photo by Photoboat,  provided by Jake Leo
#282 is Jake Leo leading #265 Ted Kelley (PhotoBoat) and #291 Rodney Johnstone has just clobbered us both
rclaser04th.jpg (12469 bytes)
Photo by Photoboat,  provided by Jake Leo
(9758 bytes)
Photo by Photoboat,  provided by Jake Leo
rclaser13th.jpg (13799 bytes)
Photos provided by OTT
rclaser26th.jpg (7929 bytes)
Photos provided by OTT
rclaser03th.jpg (9384 bytes)
Photos provided by OTT

rclaser35bth.jpg (9232 bytes)
Photos provided by OTT

rclaser37th.jpg (8887 bytes)
Here's a RC Laser with it's carry case
Photos provided by OTT
rclaser06th.jpg (13170 bytes)
Here's an RC Laser with the Storm Sail on.
Photo by Photboat, provided by Jake Leo.

I believe this is from the Queensland State Title races 2009.  It’s from the Australian RC Laser site.

From the UK RC Laser site.  A beautiful shot of an upwind leg at the mark.  It looks like they are choreographed.

From the UK RC Laser site. – This is the just legalized “D” sail that is great for sailing in winds of over 30 knots.  Can your boat do that?

I can’t remember where I found this, but it’s a unique underwater shot.

This is from one of the Marco Island regattas, probably number 5.  I believe that’s Steve Lang (North American Distributor) in the ball cap and grey windbreaker.

This is from the recent RC Laser Nationals at Oxford, MD.  These are “C” sails.  Notice the whitecaps on the water.  It’s gusting over 25 knots.  Wild sailing!

OxfordNationals 0076crp – The Nationals again this year.  The starts were all this crowded.  Tough competition.

This is some regatta years ago.  Jon Elmaleh is in the red T-shirt (co-designer of the RC Laser).
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