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AMYA Masthead

Executive Board

PresidentChuck Millican
Vice PresidentPhilip Tonks
TreasurerJohn Skerry
Exec. SecretaryRon Sieloff

Regional Directors

Region 1 DirectorDonald Ouimette
Associate DirectorRobert Hill
Region 2 DirectorDavid Branning
Associate DirectorJohn Stoudt
Region 3 DirectorGerry Cobley
Associate DirectorWalter House
Region 4 DirectorJames Knorr
Region 5 DirectorMike Eades
Associate DirectorMark Cooper
Associate DirectorBob Piper
Region 6 DirectorJim Atkinson
Associate DirectorBob Wells
Region 7 DirectorDonald Hain
Associate DirectorRichard Reinke

AMYA Staff

Membership Sec.Michelle Dannenhoffer
DataCenter AdminDoug Hemingway
Regatta Coord.
Ship's StoreMichelle Dannenhoffer
Marketing Director
WebmasterCharles Hall
Insurance Committee ChairNicholas Mortgu
Webinar CoordinatorJohn McClun
IT Director
Bulletin Editor

Model Yachting Staff

Managing EditorRichard Lomax
Class Features Editor
Class News EditorFran Di Tommaso
Photo Editor
Regatta Reports EditorGary Roby
Copy EditorJim Kandler
Theory and PracticeLester Gilbert
The CollectorsJohn Stoudt
Technical Editor
Illustrations EditorJim Linville
Advertising ManagerMichelle Dannenhoffer
Racing Rules Editor
Cartoons EditorDonald Hain
Hints & Tips EditorDonald Hain
Classified AdsRussell Bergendahl

Committee Chairs

CompetitionJonathan Luscomb
Race DirectorFrederico Rocha

Special Interest Groups

US Vintage Model Yacht GroupJohn Stoudt

Class Secretaries

10 RaterJohn Kelsey
36/600Dean Johnson
American MarbleheadBen Martin
Canterbury JSkip Hall
Columbia42Jim Godsman
CR914Ernest Freeland
DragonFlite95Russell Gardner
DragonForce65Darrell Krasoski
EC12Joe Walter
Fairwind 900William Klein
FootyBrian Mau
INF54Ryan Schofield
IOMBob Wells
JBob Buckley
MStandley Goodwin
MicroMagicGreg Norris
N12Larry Grant
NirvanaPeter Wilding
ODOMJess Atkinson
OpenJack David
RC LaserNicholas Mortgu
RG65Ben Reeve
S/BRyan Schofield
SeawindRon Small
Soling 1MTim Stone
Soling 50Ty Beach
Star45Richard Ferguson
T37Will Lesh
US Vintage MYGJohn Stoudt
US12Jack Ward
US1MStephen Vaczovsky
V32Robby Hill
VictoriaRonald Stephanz
WheelerJeff Depew

Contact For These Items:

Regional Director: Primary contact for clubs and individual members with questions, concerns and requests for support from the AMYA.
Associate Regional Director: Assists Region Director with duties in the Region, or residing State.
Executive Secretary: Changes or additions to the Club Roster, motions and nominations
Membership Secretary: Address changes, problems with addresses, magazine delivery, memberships
Advertising Manager: Advertising in Model Yachting
Regatta Coordinator: Changes or additions to the Regatta Schedule, Chevrons
Show Coordinator: Organization of AMYA display booth and related materials
Web Master: Changes in the website, links, web page assistance, web host ambassador
Managing Editor: Any magazine issues not categorized below
Classified Ads: Submitting classifieds ads
Class News Editor: Submitting Class News columns
Feature Editor: Submitting feature articles to Model Yachting
Technical Editor: Submitting technical articles to Model Yachting
Regatta Reports Editor: Submitting race reports for Model Yachting
Class Secretary or Association: Information about yacht classes, rules, championship events