Hall Of Fame Policy

The following shall be the framework for the establishment and administration of the Hall:

1. Establishing the Hall

1.1 Approval of the Board of Directors
The Board of Director shall vote on adopting this document establishing the Hall and the procedures connected therewith.

1.2 Administration of the Hall
The Hall shall be administered by the Vice President as Chairman. The Chairman, under the watchful eye of the AMYA Board of Directors, shall managed the administrative activities connected with the implementation of this document and to insure an orderly process. At least once a year a complete list of all members of the Hall shall be published in the official AMYA publication by the Editor. Additionally, a list of all those nominated for induction into the Hall during the current year shall also be published.

1.3 Establish a Nomination/Approval Committee
The AMYA Vice President shall cause to be established a Nomination/Approval Committees (Committee) for the purpose of soliciting nominees, reviewing qualifications, and selecting those to be inducted into the Hall. This Committee shall have sixteen (16) members and be chaired by the AMYA Vice President (Chairman). The Chairman shall have the option of appointing one of the members of the Committee as Vice-Chairman to function as the Chairman in the Chairman's absence. In addition to the Chairman, the Committee shall automatically include the AMYA President and all Regional Directors. The balance of the Committee shall be made up of one AMYA member at large from each of the seven (7) defined AMYA Regions, who is to be appointed by the Regional Director from members in his/her Region.

Those members of the Committee that are elected officers of AMYA shall serve for as long as they hold office, and the appointed members shall be appointed each year for a one year term in the month of January. However, in no event shall any appointed member serve for more than three (3) consecutive years. Any appointed member can be removed from the Committee by a majority vote of the AMYA Board of Directors. In that event, a replacement member shall promptly be appointed by the Regional Director from the region where the vacancy occurs.

Each member of the Committee shall have and maintain an active E-mail address for voting and communication purposes. It is understood that it is the responsibility of each Committee member to stay current with and manage the exchange of electronic information involved with the activities of the Committee.

1.4 Notice to the Membership of the establishment of the Hall
The Vice President, as instructed by the President, shall place an article in Model Yachting announcing the formation of the Hall. A copy of this document initiating the Hall shall be included for the purpose of informing the membership of the formation of the Hall and to make them aware of operational and procedural aspects for the Hall and nominations for induction.

1.5 Format for presenting nominees
The President, Vice President, and Committee Vice-Chairman (if appointed by the Chairman) shall jointly design an official Hall of Fame Application/Questionnaire (Application). This Application shall be published as many times as is reasonably possible in the official publication of AMYA by the Editor during the period of January through June of each year. This Application shall be used by the membership to submit to the Committee nominees for consideration. Completed Applications may be submitted either electronically or by mail to the Vice President.

2. Nomination process and criteria

2.1 Period open for nominations and notification of Committee
The timetable for submitting nominees for consideration for induction into the Hall shall begin on the first day of March and will remain open until the end of June each year. In order to qualify for consideration, nominations must be received by the Vice President not later than the 10th day of July. After that date, no further nominations will be accepted. The Vice President shall provide notification to the Committee of all nominees, including all information received by the last day of August. It shall not be the responsibility of the Vice President to insure the accuracy of the information provided to the Committee on each nominee at this stage.

2.2 Who may be nominated and by whom
Any member of AMYA in good standing at the time of the nomination may nominate any individual for induction into the Hall so long as nominee meets the following basic criteria:

  1. Nominee must be a current AMYA member in good standing.
  2. In the event a Nominee is deceased, he or she must have been a member in good standing at the time of his or her passing.

2.3 What must be provided with the nomination
All nominations must be in accordance with the official Application published by the Editor in the official publication of AMYA, and include a comprehensive presentation of the qualifications of the nominee. This presentation shall include, but not be limited to, a description of the nominee's special contribution to the advancement of R/C sailing and/or the AMYA that would qualify him or her for induction into the Hall.
Download an Adobe Acrobat version of the Hall of Fame Nomination Form.

2.4 To whom should nomination be sent
All nominations shall be sent to the Vice President. All nominations must be received not later than the 10th day of July each year.

2.5 How many can be inducted
While many have played an active and meaningful role in the development of AMYA over the years, not everyone can be inducted into the Hall if the honor is to be meaningful. Therefore, the number of inductees shall remain limited.

3. Approval process

3.1 Nomination received by Vice President
Once nominations have closed, the Vice President shall, by the last day of August of each year, gather all nominations received by the deadline and forward copies or a factual summation of the information received. If no nominations are received, he will so report to the Committee and, in turn, to the membership in the next issue of official publication of AMYA.

3.2 Nomination/Approval Committee responsibility
The members of the Committee shall have the responsibility of reviewing the material received from the Vice President on each nominee during the months of September and October. During that period, the Committee will discuss with each other the nominees in an effort to become well informed on each nominee's contribution to AMYA. Committee members are free to ask for additional information on nominees so long as such a request and any response received is shared with other Committee members. The Committee shall commit to cast an informed ballot in a timely manner and to evaluate all candidates in an impartial manner.

3.3 Evaluation of nominee and the shortlist
The initial step in the evaluation process will be for the Committee to select a short-list from all nominees submitted. This short list shall be defined as seven (7) nominees in the first year and five (5) nominees each year thereafter. Any nominee reaching the short list in any one year and not ultimately selected for the Hall shall be automatically included in the next year's submission of candidates for consideration as a nominee. A ballot to determine the short list will be sent out by the Vice President to all committee members by not later than October 15th. The Committee shall review all nominations and cast their vote for applicable number of nominees to be included on the short list (7 in the first year and 5 thereafter), by either Email or postal mail, by not later than the first of November. These votes shall be sent to the Vice President for tabulation and announcement of the finalized short list. Those receiving the highest score (based on the points process described in 3.4 below) from the votes of the Committee members shall be deemed to be included on the short list and will be reported to the Committee by the Vice President by not later than November 5th. Said ballot will include a formula to be utilized as a tie breaker similar to the process described in 3.4 below.

3.4 Election process
All nominees earning short list status shall be voted on by the full Committee to determine which candidate/s is/are to be inducted. A ballot containing the names of all short list nominees shall be sent to all Committee members by the Vice President, utilizing either Email or regular mail, not later than November 15th. Each Committee member shall vote by ranking the nominees in order of their selection. They will vote for first through fifth (or 7th in the case of the first year). Each first place vote shall count as 10 points, each second place vote counted as 5 points, each third place vote earning 4 points, each fourth place vote earning 2 points, and each fifth place vote earning 1 point. The nominee receiving the highest point total of those votes cast by the Committee shall be considered approved for induction into the Hall by the Committee. In the case of the first year, the five (5) nominees receiving the most points will be inducted (no points will be awarded during the first year for candidates receiving votes for sixth or seventh). All ballots must be returned to the Vice President by the last day of November in order to be valid. This timetable will provide ample time to meet the publication deadline for the next issue of the official publication of AMYA so that the new inductee can be announce in that issue.

 In the case of ties, the tie breaker will be applied in the following order:

  1. The number of first place votes received,
  2. Then the number of second place votes received, and so on until the tie is broken.
  3. In the event that a tie remains after that process, then the nominee who has been a member of AMYA the longest shall be selected. Finally, in the event that a tie still remains, then the President shall determine, in his best judgment, the most qualified candidate, thus breaking the tie.

4. Qualification criteria

4.1 AMYA membership
It is the purpose of the Hall to recognize those members of AMYA who have made a significant and long-term contribution to AMYA over a prolonged period of time. The only exception to this qualification is in the event of a nominee who is deceased.

4.2 Character and good community standing
Every effort shall be made to induct individuals of good character and of good standing in their communities.

4.3 Contribution to the Sport/Hobby of R/C sailing
The major considerations to be used in evaluating a nominee for induction into the Hall shall be his or her contribution/s to the betterment of R/C sailing and their efforts to advance the objectives of AMYA.

5. How inductee and members of Hall will be honored

5.1 Public notification
All inductees and members of the Hall shall be identified at least annually in an issue of the official publication of AMYA. Other public notification may be considered.

5.2 Awards
Each inductee shall be awarded a plaque indicating their induction into the Hall.

6. Changes to the above

6.1 Changes to Procedures and Qualifications
Suggestions to change or amend the procedures or qualifications detailed herein may be made by any standing member of the committee. by sending suggested changes to the Vice President during the month of November of each year. The Vice President shall provide such suggested changes to all members of the committee during the month of December. The committee shall vote on the changes by means of a roll call conducted by the Vice President during the month of January. Any change receiving a 2/3 majority of the votes cast by the committee shall be considered approved.

In conclusion, the Hall of Fame is intended to honor those individuals, both living and deceased, who have made a significant contribution to the success of the AMYA and the advancement of its objectives. As a Hall of Fame member, it is anticipated that these individuals will be an on-going example for all and a source of support and insight as the American Model Yachting Association faces the challenges of its bright future.