Nomination Process

The Hall of Fame Nomination Form will be published annually in the Winter issue of Model Yachting. You can also find it here on the AMYA website. Information to support a nomination includes:

Section 1: Personal History of the Nominee
Section 2: Qualifications of the Nominee
Section 3: Miscellaneous Information about the Nominee

The American Model Yachting Association's Hall of Fame nomination and election process begins on March 1st with the opening of the time period to submit nominations. The closing date of the nomination time period is July 10th. Nominations received are reviewed and voted on by a 16 member committee. The committee membership consists of the AMYA President and Vice President, the seven Regional Directors, and seven RD appointees — one from each of the AMYA regions.

The process to review and vote is completed by November 30th.

There have been 20 members inducted into the Hall of Fame. They are:

Jack Ward
Chairman - Hall of Fame Committee