Or building new builders, getting folks interested in model yachting, etc.

This page will serve to provide some links and information regarding mentoring model yachting, AND keeping it within a VERY minimum budget constraint that many public school teachers or youth program director's usually face in finding programs to interest youth development.
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Mentoring with Model Yachting

Some AMYA members have started or completed local mentoring programs as was discussed at length in Model Yachting Magazine issues # 124, 125, and 126.

Dale Wenninger and Dean Pedersen started a thought that built into a program where local youth and mentor's together built Vintage Marblehead sized boats... for about $50 in boat materials cost....
If you don't have issues #124, 125, and 126 of Model Yachting Magazine, each is still available from the AMYA's Ships Store.

Dale and Dean have or are producing a Compact Disk of their experience including training for mentors and program ideas that helped them to a successful 1st year program conclusion.  For the mentor's and builders at heart, imagine the joy of sailing a budget built beautiful vintage Marblehead.

The Strathclyde 70 Class and the GB Wee Nip

A nice article about a mentoring program over in the UK (Strathclyde University's (Glasgow, Scotland) Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering department's Schools yacht modeller competition) and featured a Graham Bantock designed and built model for beginners that the article author built and test sailed.

Graham Bantock's Wee Nip is a nice little hard chine boat made of lite ply using incredibly simple construction steps and methods and probably for under $100 total cost per boat (yes including radio).

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Build them up and Race!

Sand Point Model Sailing Club, AMYA club #95, in Titusville, FL
has for years been hosting Soling 1M building classes through the winter and enjoying the company of new Soling skippers thereafter.  Certainly pride of construction helps these new skippers truly enjoy their new found sailing experiences.