2019 Pond Owner Liability Insurance

The American Model Yachting Association is enrolled in The David Agency’s Signal Insurance Regatta Liability and On-The- Beach-Liability insurance programs. Glenn McCarthy and The David Agency in Elmhurst, Illinois make these policies available.

Our insurer is the United States Fire Insurance Company. Our policy limits are $1M Occurrence /$2M Aggregate.

The primary Regatta Liability policy provides $1 Million for the loss of life and bodily injury, including defense, per occurrence. It provides liability protection for the association national officers, directors, committee members, certified judges and regional sailing association representatives for their duties in those capacities.

Having the primary Regatta Liability policy with the Davis Agency allows the AMYA to make available to Pond Owners the On-The-Beach General Liability insurance policy. This second policy allows the AMYA to name municipalities, parks, and private pond owners as additional insured. Pond Owners will have protection based on liabilities (potential and actual) due to their relationship with AMYA, as the policy terms and conditions apply. There is a $50 fee paid to the David Agency for each pond/pond owner named as additional insured. In 2018 over 50 AMYA sectioned Clubs provided their pond owner with this protection in order to have permission to use their sailing site facilities.

Coverage includes what are considered normal R/C sailing activities for the calendar year January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019 or per the dates on the additional insured certificates. Not included as covered entities under these AMYA policies are individual clubs, the individual members, and certain class owner associations.

Many municipalities and pond owners require this Type of insurance in order to allow their park and lake facilities to be used for a clubs’ sailing activities. In 2018 over 50 AMYA Sanctioned Clubs insured their Pond Owners with this policy. Every pond owner found the insurance provisions satisfactory.

If your club sails on different ponds with different owners you will have to apply for separate Additional Insured Certificates of Insurance. Example - One Pond location/Owner per policy!

Link to Printable Version of this Introduction

To provide your pond owner as an Additional Insured:

  1. Fill out the 2019 AMYA Pond Owner Insurance Application Form with Liability Description that is available as a download.

    PLEASE DO NOT re-use any form from a previous calender year. It will be sent back!

    Link to Printable Instructions and Form


    there will be a $25 fee charged back to the Club if the agency is not supplied current or correct Pond Owner Information

  2. Make out a check for $50.00 to........ "The David Agency".
  3. Mail the your check and proper form to:
    Nick Mortgu
    AMYA Insurance Committee Secretary
    501 Main Street
    Riverton, NJ 08077

The David Agency will email or if no email address is available fax a certificate of insurance directly to the pond owner naming them as Insured. The David Agency will also provide the AMYA Insurance Secretary with a copy of the insurance certificate. You will then be emailed a copy for your records. It takes about three weeks to process the application form so please allow for the processing time.

Please only contact the AMYA Insurance Committee Secretary, via e-mail or phone, if you have any questions or need another copy of the Certificate. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT "THE DAVID AGENCY" for any changes or additions to the Certificate(s). This may subject your club to the $25 incorrect information charge assessed to us!