Junior Regatta Entry Grant (Youth Sponsorship):


The AMYA Junior sailor grant program is intended to encourage young, eager skippers to sail in any Regional Class Regatta(RCR) and/or National Class Regattas(NCR).


  • 18 years of age or younger ( Junior as stated in Bylaws section 4.2)
  • A current AMYA membership # will have to be listed for nominee. If a nominee does not have a current AMYA Family membership # through the parents available then the person nominating this person may include theirs.
  • Nomination submission can come from any AMYA member including the nominated individual
  • Nomination submission/application must be received by the President of the AMYA at least one(1) month prior to the event being applied for.
  • Limit one grant per recipient per calendar year
  • Applicable for any AMYA sanctioned Class Regional or National event
  • Each nomination must be approved by the Executive Board of Directors, including the Executive Secretary on the grounds of meeting the eligibility requirements.

What the Sponsorship Provides:

  • Flat $50 to the individual to go toward the regatta entry fee and other expenses associated with the regatta
  • Various item from the Ship's Store upon availability(ie....hat, Racing Rules Reference card, window sticker.......)

Nomination Process:

  • Any AMYA member may submit the mail-in or online nomination/application form.
  • Nomination forms go to the President, who will pass along to Executive BOD for review to ensure the nominee is eligible. Send to.... president@theAMYA.org
  • Once approved, sponsorship package will be sent to the nominee stating that they are the recipients of the Junior Sponsorship Grant for the specified regatta prior to the selected regatta date.
  • All sponsorship fees awarded will be sent directly to the Regatta host for the purpose of being used directly to the Entry Fee for that event listed.

Download the Youth Grant Proposal form