"Nirvana is a 32" sloop-rigged RC sailboat. This boat comes ready-to-sail, taking about 30 minutes to rig out of the box. The sails are already on the spars. Nirvana was designed from scratch to be a scale looking, high performance, RC model sailboat.

​The sloop rig features the high aspect sails of the time, with a deep fin keel with ballast bulb. Her carbon fiber reinforced, hollow, spars (mast and booms) are extremely strong, light and attractive. The mast is even tapered, a feature not previously seen in this size model. Her sails are made of polyester film, and are extremely strong (will not tear or stretch), and will not hold water (will not mildew).

One of the unique features of this boat is her electronics compartment. Hidden under an attractive deck cover is a snap-on hatch to the electronics compartment. The compartment is separated from the interior of the hull thus keeping the electronics dry and easily accessible.

The boat is molded in one-piece ABS plastic. She was performance tested by the designer to insure stability and dependable performance in a wide range of winds.

The racing rule is very strict preventing any modifications that affect the performance of the boat. Nirvana is a closely regulated international One-Design class to insure strict performance uniformity worldwide. Thus parts for this boat are inexpensive and interchangeable. Nirvana has enjoyed a huge acceptance as a club racer.

Nirvana is an inexpensive boat, complete with 2.4 ghz radio system installed.