Understanding Sailing Basics

by John Davis. Illustrations by Jim Linville

Questions and answers about what parts of a model yachts do and are named is important. A sailboat is more complex than it appears, and by learning the correct name (or term) of a part or action is as important as learning its function. "I don't quite understand the function of that thing that sort of forms a triangle at the base of the mast," may not get you an answer as helpful or accurate as, "What is the function of the Vang?"

So now you have a basic understanding of what the various parts of your RC model yacht are named, and the significance of that terminology, you are asking the universal beginner's question: How do I make this thing go without a motor and propeller? You guessed it — more terms and names.

As you develop your interest in sailing, you will want to learn more about the theory of sail. To begin with, you need only understand the basics and the effects of altering the setting of a sail relative to the wind.

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