The AMYA encourages member clubs to hold National and Regional Championship regattas. The AMYA supports its clubs by providing a subsidy for these regattas based upon the number of AMYA member participants in the regatta.
The requirements are simple:
1 - Submit the Regatta
The Regatta Chairman or Class Secretary should place the National Championship Regatta (NCR) or Regional Championship Regatta (RCR) on the AMYA website Regatta Schedule at least 3 months prior to the event date.
  • The long lead time ensures that potential participants will be aware of the regatta with enough time to plan their attendance.
  • NCRs and RCRs must be authorized by the Class Secretary (AMYA bylaw 8.1).
  • The NOR must indicate that AMYA membership is required.

2 - Confirm Participant Eligibility
All participants of the NCR/RCR must be voting members in good standing of the AMYA as of the regatta date(s) and/or of their country's governing body for model yachting.
  • The Class Secretary can verify the membership status of AMYA members prior to the regatta.
  • The AMYA Vice President can assist with verification if the Class Secretary is not available.
  • The Regatta Chairman must confirm the status of international skippers prior to the regatta.

3 - Submit a Regatta Report
This report should be submitted to MYRegattaReport and must be posted to Regatta Results on the AMYA website as soon as possible after the event, and before the subsidy is requested.
4 - Request Subsidy from the Treasurer
The Class Secretary or Regatta Chairman must send a request for the subsidy, a copy of the Entries with verified AMYA membership numbers, the name and AMYA number of the sponsoring club, a link to the regatta report on the AMYA website, and Final Results with race scores, to the AMYA Treasurer. Include phone, email and address information for the participants to make it easier to verify the participants.
  • Include the check Payee name, email and phone number and the mailing address for the check.
  • Request should be sent to Treasurer within 30 days of the completion of the NCR/RCR

5 - Receive Subsidy
Expect the check 2-4 weeks after all materials are submitted.
  • The subsidy for an NCR is $15 per verified participant, maximum $300 per regatta
  • The subsidy for an RCR is $10 per verified participant, maximum $300 per regatta