This page will lead you to some Race handicapping systems that have been brought to our attention. These are not regatta scoring systems, but handicapping systems intended to "even the field" for sailing both mixed class type sailing or widely varied sailing skills or experience.

{Ed Note: The AMYA does not recommend or support any particular handicapping system.  However for those interested, here are descriptions of several such systems used elsewhere around the world.}

A variety of handicapping systems have been used for radio sailing over time. No one system has become dominant, as the needs of local groups are different. Handicapping for radio sailing events should be understood to be suitable for casual, fun events at the club level, where it is desirable to both encourage the new sailor as well as to maintain the interest of those more experienced. Such systems are not appropriate for major national, regional or even club level contests where great emphasis will be placed on the finish order.
Racing Scoring programs
Check out the Completely Free Sailing Scoring (Race Scoring) system called Sailwave,  Check it out at