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Executive Board
 President Chuck  Millican
 Vice President Donald  (Don)  Ouimette
 Treasurer Robert  (Bob)  Shapiro
 Executive Secretary Ron  Sieloff
Regional Directors
 Region 1 - Director Robert  Hill
 Region 2 - Director David  (Dave)  Branning
 Region 2 - Associate Director Judy  Bonanno
 Region 3 - Director Gerry  Cobley
 Region 4 - Director James  (Jim)  Knorr
 Region 5 - Director Russell  (Russ)  Gardner
 Region 6 - Director Dan  Shier
 Region 6 - Associate Director Bob  Wells
 Region 7 - Director Donald  Hain
 Region 8 - Director Dennis  Rogers
AMYA Staff
 Membership Secretary Michelle  Dannenhoffer
 Ships Store Michelle  Dannenhoffer
 Manufacturer Rep Michelle  Dannenhoffer
 Webmaster John  (Jack)  Slocumb
 Insurance Secretary Nicholas  Mortgu
 Outreach Director (club promo) Ray  Seta
 Regatta Coordinator Michelle  Dannenhoffer
 The AMYA Bulletin Michelle  Dannenhoffer
 Fundraising co Chairman Ned  Nielsen
 Fundraising co Chairman Ronald  Sibley
Website Help
 Club Management Dan  Shier
 Regatta Management Dan  Shier
 Membership Michelle  Dannenhoffer
 Boat Class Management Philip  Tonks
Class Secretaries
 10 Rater Kenneth  Weeks
 36/600 Dean  Johnson
 American Marblehead Ben  Martin
 Canterbury J Raymond  (Skip)  Hall
 Columbia 42 Thomas  (Tom)  Walker
 CR 914 Ernest  Freeland
 DragonFlite 95 Russell  (Russ)  Gardner
 DragonForce 65 Darrell  Krasoski
 EC-12 Scott  Graf
 Fairwind Dan  Shier
 Footy Brian  Mau
 Infinity 54 Robert  (Bob)  Eger
 IOM Frederico  (Fred)  Rocha
 J Class Robert  (Bob)  Buckley
 Marblehead Bruce  Andersen
 Micro Magic Greg  Norris
 Newport 12 Meter Larry  Grant
 Nirvana Dan  Shier
 ODOM Ron  Saxon
 Open Kerry  (Jack)  David
 RC Laser Nicholas  Mortgu
 RG-65 Craig  Huzway
 Santa Barbara Daniel  Robinson
 SeaWind Ronald  (Ron)  Small
 Soling 1 Meter Mike  Wyatt
 Soling 50 M Ben  Reeve
 Star 45 Richard  Ferguson
 T-37 Will  Lesh
 US 12 Philip  Tonks
 US One Meter Steve  Vaczovsky
 V-32 One Robert  (Rob)  Hill
 Victoria Ronald  (Ron)  Stephanz
 Vintage John  Stoudt
 Wheeler Jeff  Depew
Model Yachting Staff
 Managing Editor Jim  Kandler
 Features Editor Jim  Kandler
 Copy Editor John  Bert
 Class News Editor Fran  DiTommaso
 Advertising Manager Michelle  Dannenhoffer
 Cartoons Editor John  Foust
 RRS (Racing Rules of Sailing) Editor John  Christman
 RRS (Racing Rules of Sailing) Editor Judith  (Judy)  Hanlon
 Theory and Practice Lester  Gilbert
 The Collectors John  Stoudt
 Hints & Tips Editor Donald  Hain
Special Interest Groups
 US Vintage Model Yacht Group John  Stoudt
Contact For These Items:
     Regional Director: Primary contact for clubs and individual members with questions, concerns and requests for support from the AMYA.
     Associate Regional Director: Assists Region Director with duties in the Region, or residing State.
     Executive Secretary: Changes or additions to the Club Roster, motions and nominations
     Membership Secretary: Address changes, problems with addresses, magazine delivery, memberships
     Advertising Manager: Advertising in Model Yachting
     Regatta Coordinator: Changes or additions to the Regatta Schedule, Chevrons
     Show Coordinator: Organization of AMYA display booth and related materials
     Web Master: Changes in the website, links, web page assistance, web host ambassador
     Managing Editor: Any magazine issues not categorized below
     Classified Ads: Submitting classifieds ads
     Class News Editor: Submitting Class News columns
     Feature Editor: Submitting feature articles to Model Yachting
     Technical Editor: Submitting technical articles to Model Yachting
     Regatta Reports Editor: Submitting race reports for Model Yachting
     Class Secretary or Association: Information about yacht classes, rules, championship events