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All Classes Do It Yourself Battery Packs Website
Every R/C Modeler needs a battery pack to power their crafts, and of course the radio, too. Here's an article that is sure to give you the insight to create your own AA packs.
All Classes Inexpensive Boat Stand Website
​I would like to submit the following suggestion for an inexpensive boat stand that doubles as a camping stool. I'm not sure about larger boats but, as the pictures show, it works quite well with my Victoria.
All Classes New to RC sailing, boats, electronics, etc... Download
Basic information for beginners!
All Classes Sail Arm Gauge Website
Every Skipper that has scratch built a boat or assembled one of the many kit boats, all have pondered the geometrical question,"What size Sail Arm do I need for my boat?".
All Classes Sail winches, which type? Website
A new skipper recently asked me, " I am thinking of getting a 1 meter boat and have no idea how strong the sail servo should be." He's also asked should he use a drum winch or a sail arm winch.
All Classes Sails: The Source of Power: Part 2 (384K PDF) Download
by Rod Carr
​From Model Yachting issues #130 and #146
All Classes Sails: The Source of Power:Part 1 (485K PDF) Download
by Rod Carr
​From Model Yachting issues #130 and #146
All Classes Tips and Tricks Website
Tips and Tricks you will want to know
8 How Tos