​Policies and Procedures
As approved by AMYA Board of Directors eff. 7/1/23

1 The American Model Yachting Association (AMYA) will recognize as official any Class of yachts that is represented by twenty or more members with valid registered yachts.

2 To register a yacht in any Class the owner must be an AMYA member in good standing unless the Class is administered by a Class Association (CA).

3 Any boat or hull once designed and built, which adheres to the Class Rules when designed and first built, shall remain approved and acceptable to the Class.

4​ In order to maintain its official sanctioned status, a Class must maintain a roster of twenty or more yacht owners.  For the purposes of this requirement, yacht owners must be AMYA members in good standing. If a Class fails this requirement, the Class Secretary or Class Association officer (as listed in the current issue of Model Yachting shall be notified by the Executive Secretary that the Class has 12 months in which to increase its roster back to required levels. This notification will be sent via email. If a Class fails to meet the 12 month deadline, the Class will lose its Sanctioned status and will be removed from the roster of AMYA Classes.

5 When the Open Class Secretary learns that a potential new Class has attained the status of twenty or more owners or when a Class Association has twenty or more registrants they shall notify the Executive Secretary who shall notify the Executive Board that a new Class has achieved the requirements for AMYA Sanction.

  • Class Administration 
    1. Classes administrated by a Class Secretary: If no Class Association (CA) has been formed, a Class Secretary (CS) will be appointed by the President. Upon the appointment of the Class Secretary the affairs of the Class will then be under the CS jurisdiction until such time as a Class Association is recognized.
    2. Until such time as a Class Association is formed:
    3. The appointed Class Secretary shall serve until a nomination of a candidate(s) and an election is held for a Class Secretary, or the formation of the Class as a CA.
    4. The Class Secretary will perform the same duties as a CA officer, according to the same principles as set out for CA’s.
    5. The AMYA Executive Secretary will accept ballot motions and nominations, and will administer elections for the Class
    6. Unless he specifically declines to stand for election, an appointed Class Secretary shall be a candidate for election in the next AMYA ballot cycle.   
    7. Upon the formation of a Class Association, the current appointed or elected Class Secretary shall be replaced by the officer of the Class Association elected by the Membership.
  1.  If the Class is administered by a Class Secretary, only those active AMYA members who are owners of yachts registered in the Class may:
  2. Submit motions regarding Class Rules.
  3. Submit nominations for Secretary of that Class.
  4. Vote on these or other matters affecting the Class.
  1. Classes Administrated by a Class Association: It is recommended that a Class Association (CA) be formed to administer the Class.
  2. A proposal to form a Class Association shall be made by a Class Member, and submitted to the Executive Secretary, with a second by another Class Member.  A vote of the Class Association of the AMYA shall be administered in the next available AMYA ballot, and certified by the Executive Secretary.
  3. If a majority of the votes cast in favor and all other requirements are met (see 6.6), the AMYA shall sanction the Class Association.
  4. The current registered owners immediately become members of the new Class Association and the Class Secretary shall be retained until a CA officer is nominated and elected.
  5. In order to be sanctioned by the AMYA a CA shall:
  6. Submit a copy of its Constitution, Bylaws and/or other governing documents to the Executive Secretary for approval. These documents must include a declaration that the CA will abide by all applicable provisions of the AMYA Constitution and Bylaws.
  7. CA Bylaws shall include a clear statement of the process and timetable by which its members may elect or re-elect its officers and submit proposals for changes to Bylaws and Class Rules and determine the outcome by ballot of CA members. Any such proposals submitted to member ballot shall include a clear statement of the effective date of the change(s) if approved.
  8. Have a requirement that all balloting be on a one-owner-one-vote basis.
  9. Submit the names of the CA’s officers and/or directors (minimum 3).
  10. Have requirements that the officers and directors of the CA be current AMYA members.
  11. Submit a copy of the Class Rules.
  12. Have a restriction that only AMYA members registered in the Class may vote on changes to Class Rules.
  13. Submit a roster of at least twenty (20) current AMYA members holding yacht registrations in the Class.
  14. CA Approval: the Executive Board shall review the CA proposed Class Rules and certify that the proposed Class is precisely defined, is unique and differs significantly from any other Class currently recognized by the AMYA.
  15. A CA will handle yacht registrations and transfers and collect the required fees for these services. These fees may be retained by the CA to defray administrative expenses.
  16. The CA shall provide an accounting of Class funds and expenditures between November 1 and December 1 of each year to be formatted for publication in the official publication of the AMYA.
  17. The CA shall maintain a roster of registered yachts and owners and endeavor to synchronize the data for AMYA members with the AMYA database.
  18.  Only owners of the Class Association may:  
  19.    Hold a position as officer or director of the Class Association.
  20.   Vote on changes to the Class Rules.
  21. Where a Class Association exists changes to its Constitution, Bylaws. and/or Class Rules must be approved by that Association according to its own Constitution and Bylaws.
  22. Whenever a CA issues a revision to one of its governing documents it shall promptly submit copy to the AMYA Executive Secretary for review and archival.
  23. Any CA sanctioned by the AMYA shall be the official contact for International Class Associations established under authority of the organization that controls international radio sailing.
  24. A CA may be de-sanctioned by a simple majority vote of the AMYA Board of Directors for failure to comply with the applicable provisions of the AMYA Constitution and Bylaws or of the provisions of section 3 above.
  25. Class Association communications: The AMYA shall, upon request, provide space in the AMYA Publications for Class Associations to publish notices and to report news of general interest to the rest of the AMYA membership. Distribution of ballots, ballot information or other information of interest only to owners of yachts in the Class represented by the CA shall not be included in this space allowance.

    1. It shall be the duty of the Class Secretary or Class Association officer to ensure that a National Championship Regatta is held annually. Regional Championship Regattas may also be held annually or at other regular intervals provided sufficient numbers of registered yachts are able to participate. Championship regattas shall be run strictly according to racing rules and regatta procedures established by the AMYA.
  1.  The use of ballast materials denser than lead is prohibited in the construction of any AMYA registered yacht, unless specifically permitted by the applicable Class specification.
  1. No changes in the Class Rules of any sanctioned Class of yachts shall be implemented except by ballot.
  1.  Class Rules for yacht Classes may only be changed by balloting those AMYA members owning yachts registered in that Class.
  1. The Class Secretary or Class Association officer shall present motions to the Class. Motions may be presented in three ways:
      1) Published in Model Yachting
      2) Sent directly to all Class members
      3) Sent to Clubs for distribution.
    Changes will be accepted by a simple majority of the votes cast, certified by the Executive Secretary, or if a Class Association, by the CA officer.
12 All Class Rule changes shall take effect immediately unless otherwise stated in the original motion.

13 Approved Class Rule changes are to be dated and are effective for a minimum of two years. Motions for change within the two year minimum period must be approved by a majority vote of the AMYA Board of Directors. Failed motions may be submitted for member consideration in any later AMYA or Class Associations (CA’s) ballot. The AMYA Executive Board shall have editing rights with regard to any motions deemed redundant or unconstitutional.

14 Any changes made to Class Rules may be published in the official publication of the AMYA, sent to the Class members, or to the Clubs for distribution.

15 It is the policy of AMYA that the protection or enforcement of proprietary rights, if any, of designers or manufacturers of any yacht or Class of yachts is solely a matter of private concern of the designers or manufacturers.

16 No yacht will be properly registered until the Class Secretary or Class Association has issued an AMYA registration for that yacht. The yacht registration shall display the AMYA Class registration number, owner’s name, address and AMYA membership number.

17 The AMYA shall publish a list of all recognized Classes and their contact information in each issue of the Association Publication.

18  AMYA-Sanctioned Regattas:  Any AMYA-sanctioned club desiring to conduct a National or Regional Championship regatta shall:
18.1   Apply to the appropriate Class Secretary or Class Association for such authorization.
18.2 Such events, if possible, should be rotated geographically.
18.3 The approved sponsoring club or host shall provide reasonable notice of the events to the membership through the “official Publication” of the AMYA.
18.4 Sanctioned events shall be conducted according to the Policy and Procedures provided.
18.5 The results of the events shall be promptly reported to Model Yachting the Class Secretary or contact for the Class Association, and to the editor of the Class Association Publication.
18.6 In a National or Regional Championship Regatta all yachts entered in the competition will be measured for conformance to the current Class Rules. Measurements have to be conducted prior to the first race.
18.7 AMYA membership is required for all USA citizens to compete in AMYA Championship Regattas (National Championships & Regional Championships). Foreign competitors are welcome to compete if they provide proof of current membership in their National Authority. It is recommended that the AMYA (or foreign) membership requirement is clearly stated as an eligibility requirement in the Notice of Race for the regatta.
18.8 In order for a Class championship regatta to qualify as an officially-sanctioned event a minimum of five yachts must have been registered and participate. Failing this requirement the event will be considered to have been invalid for that year and the current Class champion shall retain his/her title. NOTE: “Participation” in the above context means that five yachts have started in races of the event. Mere registration for the event shall not be deemed sufficient to qualify the event as a Class championship.

19 In a development Class it is the yacht that enters the competition, not its owner or skipper. Once a yacht is entered in a competition, substitutions of equipment are not allowed without permission from the Race Director and / or Class Secretary. A person may enter more than one yacht, if desired, but each shall be a separate entry and points accumulated by each may not be combined. Each yacht may be sailed by anyone its owner desires.

20 In One Design Classes it is the skipper who is in competition, not the yacht.  A skipper cannot enter more than one yacht in a Class competition. Should a yacht in a One Design competition be disabled by collision with another yacht or obstruction on the course during a race she may be replaced to permit the skipper to continue in the competition.

21 Each Skipper may have a crew in the control area to assist him with launching, hauling and repairs provided the crew does not interfere with the operation of other yachts in the competition or impede the skippers in any way.

22 AMYA Chevron Awards   
22.1 National Championships of Sanctioned Classes- Winners of National Championship Regattas are entitled to display:
   a. Gold colored Class logo or emblem on the mainsail as allowed by the Class Rules, as long as the winner sails in the Class.
   b. Gold colored chevrons.
22.2 Regional Championships of Sanctioned Classes- Winners of Regional Championship events are entitled to display Red chevrons.
22.3 Other events:
   a. Recurring events: Winners of annual recurring events are entitled to display Green chevrons.
   b. Club Champions: Winners of Club Championships are entitled to display Black chevrons.
22.4 The Class Secretary or Class Association officer determines which event or events are eligible as Green Chevron Regattas.
22.5 Three chevrons are awarded for First Place, two chevrons for Second Place, and one chevron for Third Place.
22.6 Chevrons should be about two inches wide and one quarter inch deep. The pointed end of the chevron should point up. Numerals, about one inch high, indicating the year won (i.e. 21 for 2021) should be placed directly below the chevron.
22.7 Obtaining Chevrons:  Regatta managers of club/ Class leaders must request sets of the appropriate color Chevrons at no cost, a minimum of 90 days prior to a regatta.  This request should go via email to the AMYA Membership Secretary’s office shown on the AMYA website, and include the name and date(s) of the regatta, the name and address of the person to whom the Chevrons and, if applicable, National Championship sail emblems to be sent.  To receive Chevrons, National and Regional Championship regattas must be placed on the AMYA Regatta Calendar at least 90 days in advance of the first day of competition.

23 Code of Conduct.  The Executive Board will be responsible to maintain a Code of Conduct with rules in accordance with the RRS and Appendix E of the RRS, and the policy of the AMYA