Report Requirements

Start by reading some recent Regatta Reports to help you understand these instructions.
Open a plain Microsoft Word document. Place the name of the regatta on the first line, followed by your name, as author, on the second line. Keep your document basic: no formatting, no Tables, no indents, etc.
It helps to begin by filling in the details in the event Summary. The body of your report could include some of the Summary information in a narrative format along with other details and the flavor of the event.
Your report should be no longer than 400 to 500 words. It is better for you to edit your report, rather than for us to hack the word count down to what will fit. Read past Reports.
The Summary is important because when we need to reduce page count, we will publish only the Summary and Results:
Summary of «Regatta Name»
Host Club:
# of Entries:
Races completed:
Scoring System:
Regatta Committee & Valuable Assistants:

(This is the best way to recognize those volunteer workers who made this a real success.)
«Regatta Name» Results
Place - Skipper - Sail# - Points
 (or: Place - Region - Skipper - Sail# - Hull - Points)
List the skippers with their sail numbers and points in order of finish. Even if you list only the top 10 finishers in the results table, please submit the names of all the participants, in order of finish; we now list the “Remaining finishers, in order of finish”, so all participants can be listed in the Regatta Report.
Separate the elements on each line with tabs: no spaces, or any other separators but tabs, please. Above all, no tables or extra spaces to make your Word document look good. For NCRs or RCRs, you can expand with a Region column, and a Hull Type column. Just do not try to include more information than will fit in the 3.5" wide column format you see printed in the Regatta Reports section.
If you E-mail photos, do not Insert. It works only if you Attach original high-resolution images. Low-res Web images cannot be used in the print edition of Model Yachting.
That’s it, short and sweet!
Then Submit your report to ​