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The Columbia 42 is a semi-scale 12 meter model of the Sparkman and Steven's designed winner of the America's Cup. This boat was generally accepted as the best sailing of the 12's and also the best looking boat on the water.

The development mission for this new class was to "create a good-looking, good sailing boat that can be moved between home and pond fully-rigged, and can handle summer pond weeds that hang up most blade keel boats". The boat weighs just under 10 lbs and has a draft of 8 1/2".

The Columbia 42 is a new One Design addition to the AMYA fleet. It's design mission was to develop an attractive boat (1) that sails well, (2) can be transported to/from home fully-rigged, and (3) can sail in weed conditions most boats can't (thanks to its smooth underbody). The finished product is a semi-scale model of Columbia - the famous 12 meter that won the 1958 America's Cup with Briggs Cunningham at the helm. The keel on the model is 1 1/2" deeper than the original scale. A total of 13 developmental boats are grandfathered - 3 fiberglass and 10 with plastic deck inserts (rather than lighter birch plywood).

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