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National Champions A photo of the National Championship Trophy, and a list of winners since 1993.
Class Secretary Notes Status of the Class, Fall 2022.
How to's
Build an older Victor Kit (from Western Reserve Model Yacht Club)
This is a detailed, step-by-step process for building a Victor Model Products kit. The VMP Kits have been off the market since 2018, but there are still unbuilt kits available from individuals. Building a Victor kit was NOT an easy or fast process.
Finishing (painting) a Soling 1 Meter
This is a 3DRC Instruction designed for the average hobbyist using spray cans, where the objectives are smooth finish, fast curing, and durability.
How to tune the Soling 1 Meter
How to set the rig vertical, matching the keel. Basic tuning for a balanced helm.
Why the AMYA Soling 1 Meter TM??
Reasons to consider the Soling 1 Meter TM, by former Class Secretary Frank Vella
3D RC Boats - for Hulls & Kits,
Vac-U-Boat - for Hulls & Kits,
Midwest Model Yachting - for Rigging Hardware, Sail Manufacturers, Building Materials,
Carr Sails - for Sail Manufacturers,
Leading Edge Hobbies - for Electronics, Hulls & Kits,
Millican Sails - for Sail Manufacturers,
Stall Sail Carrier - for Support Equipment & Tools,
Windjammer Sails - for Sail Manufacturers, Electronics,
EH Sails - for Sail Manufacturers,
Dion RC Sails - for Sail Manufacturers,
The AMYA Soling 1 Meter Class TM was first sanctioned by the AMYA in 1993. With over 13000 kits sold, and some 4000 boats registered, you can find a Club sailing the AMYA Soling 1 Meter in ALL 7 AMYA Regions, and three Provinces in Canada. Over 60 USA and Canadian Clubs list the Soling 1 Meter as the one or the only boat that they support.
Something like 50% of ALL RC sailors own at least one Soling!! Over thirty years since being AMYA-sanctioned, the "Soling" has been a Class that offered top competition at the local, Regional, and USA as well as Canadian National Championship levels.
Performance: AMYA Soling 1 Meters point high, sail fast, and resist "submarining" like some other more narrow and lighter boats. On a fresh reach fresh or run, the boat gives her skipper fully controlled, exhilarating performance. The fin keel draws only about 8" of water, so the Soling 1 Meter can be launched from a shore without wading, as well as from a dock. And, the Soling resists snagging pond weeds- she can almost always be sailed back to shore, instead of having to be rescued by rowboat.
Low total cost: Unlike many RC boats, the Soling can be sailed in winds from near zero to over 20 MPH, using a single rig. The Soling 1 Meter Class allows one rig, using lower cost flat-paneled polyester sails. This saves hundreds of dollars for additional rig sand sails required to be bought to compete in most other popular designs.
Soling 1 Meter is a true One-Design: All aspects related to performance are intended to be restricted to what can be achieved by building a Kit straight from the manufacturer's plans. (The Soling 1 Meter Class Rules may be downloaded from the links table on this page.)
New Solings must be built from a kit available only from one of two Class-approved manufacturers. 3DRC Boats, and Vac-U-Boats offer unassembled or Almost ready to Sail kits that can be finished in about 12 hours by virtually anyone. Used or New kits by Victor Model Products (made through 2019, but no longer available as new) are fully approved as well.
Made in the USA: All Solings, since the first off the mold, have been made in the USA.
To buy a NEW Soling, contact one or both of our manufacturers:
3RC Boats TM
Doug Rieger
Phil Pace
1259 Humphries Rd. Conyers, GA 30012

TM- "AMYA Soling 1 Meter" is a selling and trademark of the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA) and may be used by AMYA Clubs and Class- approved Manufacturers.