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The Remote Control (R/C) Laser Model is a scale version of the famous "one design" Laser, the most popular "real boat" sailing class in the world. The R/C Laser, however, does not require a trailer, life jackets, or hours and hours of set-up time before you can be in the water and sailing.

The R/C Laser was designed to be up and sailing out of the box in under 7 minutes. There is no need to learn about epoxy glues, Kevlar and Fiberglass construction, or sail design. All you need is 2 feet of water, a desire to sail, and some wind. Just snap in the keel, mast, and rudder assemblies...slip in the batteries...clip on the sails and you are ready to go. It IS that simple.

The R/C Laser is destined to bring a whole new group of people to the R/C sailing world, those interested in competition without the worry of design. The full sized Laser is the design of world famous sailor/yacht designer Bruce Kirby, who represented Canada in three Olympics and designed two America's Cup Defenders. Of all his creations, the Laser is the best known. Over 155,00 have been built to date, making the Laser the most popular racing class of all time. It recently became an Olympic class. The R/C Laser was developed by Jon Elmaleh, who has captured more than 30 national R/C racing championships, and who has been one of the top R/C yacht designers since 1982. He brings an unparalleled combination of practical R/C racing experience and high-tech design skill to the task of designing a radio-controlled yacht. The result is destined to revolutionize the sport. Register your boat here: