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The US12 class is a beautiful full keel, spoon bow yacht of the old America's Cup 12 meter design. She is 46 inches in length with a 16 pound minimum weight, carries a rig of 714 sq. inches of sail area, with a 55 inch hoist. Her "B" rig is 600 sq. inches. She is a great sailing yacht, goes to weather with neutral helm and will track the length of the pond seeking out the wind, and handles wind of 15 knots well before the need to use the B rig.

New boats are available from Blake Moran, He is in Canada where the US 12 is called the Mini 12, the same boat with a slightly different keel setup. Meets AMYA requirements. He offers the hull (in several colors), rigging, kit form or completed boat. Can be shipped to Us. Contact him directly for information Or check for used boats on AMYA classified. ‚Äč

The rules and specifications were written to attain a one design class, however, flexibility is allowed in sail material and construction ( single panel vs. multi paneled ), mast and boom materials, deck layouts and fittings, internal electronics components and rigging materials and configuration.