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The Micro Magic Class is one of the largest in the world, with affiliated fleets in over a dozen countries spread over four continents. Micro Magic kits were previously manufactured by Graupner of Germany and since 2020 by Hacker Model Production of the Czech Republic. Their design and basic look are patterned after single-handed trans-Atlantic boats popular in Europe called Mini 6.5's. The boat features an ABS hull and deck, carbon fiber spars and high-quality rigging hardware. The standard kit can be assembled with common adhesives and epoxies by builders with novice skills. And pre-assembled ARTR (almost ready to race) boats and good used boats are readily available. The class sails under the well-established International Micro Magic Rules, and is governed in the United States by the Micro Magic Class Owners Association.

Micro Magic class yachts can be sailed in a wide variety of wind conditions--from drifters to 30 knot winds utilizing smaller alternate sail rigs which are legal under the class rules. (The picture below shows Micro Magics sailing in strong wind with small rigs.) Their small size (21") and light weight (860 grams minimum) make Micro Magics extremely easy to transport and sail. Despite their size, they are very fast and sail as well as, if not better than, many larger radio-controlled sailboats.