2022 EC12 R2CR on 9/18/2022

Summary of the 2022 EC12 R2CR, Red Chevrons
Date: September 18-19, 2022
Location: The Farm Pond, Warrington Farm, in Queenstown, MD
Host Club: Chesapeake Bay Model YC
Entries: 26
Winds 4-10 mph
Heats Completed= 30 over two days. Random 3-fleet format with skippers racing a total of 20
heats. Day two the top nine skippers stayed in the same fleet for the day.
Scoring: Low point with two throw-outs.
Race Committee: Scott Graf, Dave Branning, RDs along with Skip Hall. Scoring team: Judy
Bonanno, Rebecca Fleckenstein & Kelly Bock. Michelle Sysyn helped with lunches. Judy
Bonanno also was our also Official Photographer.

2022 EC12 R2CR Results
Place Skipper Points
1. Alex Ramos 38 pts
2. Danny Thomas 40 pts
3. Mark Reinhart 52 pts
4. Chris Harmer 72 pts
5. David Ramos 84 pts
6. Tyler Raven 88.2 pts
7. Brian Kerrigan 107 pts
8. Skip Miller 113.4 pts
9. Scott Mohring 118 pts
10. Dom Bonanno 129.4

Other Finishers: Chris Bock, Doug Nettles, Drew Beach, Thomas Johnson, Ray Szulczewski, Eric Schloemer, Roger Baldwin, Tim Stone, Bill Sysyn, Mark Fleckenstein, Scott Todd, Rick Boulay, Ernest Freeland, Jim Seale, Doug McLellan, Ron Schloeme