2022 Santa Barbara NCR on 6/23/2022

Thursday morning. Warm greetings as friends arrived. Five East Coast skippers and five Midwest skippers. Santa Barbara's were tuned and ready. Marks were in and the course was set. Then, while the skippers meeting took place, the wind shifted ninety degrees. Hold everything. Reset the course to the adjacent shore. Start the racing!
The wind played with us for the rest of Thursday with low swirls and quick gusts. But the sailors embraced the challenge, with positions often changing multiple times during a race.
Friday's winds came steadily from the south-southeast. Excellent starts and strategic tacking were the formula for success.
Our Friday evening banquet in the lakefront pavilion featured Chicago deep dish pizza, lots of sailing stories and trophy presentations. Dave Ramos was heartily cheered as our Santa Barbara 2022 National Champion.
Thanks again to all the participants and organizers of another successful and fun regatta.

2022 Santa Barbara NCR Results
Place Skipper Points Sail #
1 Dave Ramos 41 05
2 Jarl Wathne 56 8
3 Scott Graf 60 22
4 Clark Fremgen 82 1315
5 Rob Hill 95 23
6 Chuck Millican 116 2016
7 Allan Thorsen 150 1021
8 Rich Mieling 151 1063
9 Ron Schloemer 171 96
10 Mike Martin 173 139