Top Players of the Region 6 IOM Regatta
Top Players of the Region 6 IOM Regatta
Day2-C fleet-Final Seconds for the perfect start
Day2-C fleet-Final Seconds for the perfect start
All clear with a commanding south wind shift
All clear with a commanding south wind shift
Weather is approaching
Weather is approaching
2023 IOM Region 6 Championship Regatta (R6CR)
by Gil Jansky
The San Diego Argonauts hosted their annual Region 6 Midwinters IOM Regatta February 18-19 and welcomed 32 talented skippers from across the USA, Brazil, Puerto Rico and Barbados. Many IOM crews showed up on Friday for fun racing and early measurements and weigh-in. It was a beautiful day on the pond as IOM's shared the course with a blossoming Southern California Marblehead fleet, racing in an impromptu regatta. Twelve Races were run and it was a delight to witness these sleek fast yachts on our pond.
Saturday Feb.18
Despite ominous weather predictions regarding a large cut off low pressure system wandering off our Southern California coast, skies were sunny and we experienced a perfect winter day in San Diego. Winds were a little slow to get going but once the on shore began, light sea breezes lasted through late afternoon. During the day crews were served deli sandwiches and plentiful chips and drinks to keep the energy flowing. Fred Rocha directed 3 fleets with skippers experiencing continuous racing and 4 heats before the wind expired. A good day of challenging sailing! Saturday evening skippers and crews were invited to Mission Bay Yacht Club for a social experience on the bay. Top skippers for today were: 1. Chris Sullivan, 2. Gary Winton, 3. Tony Gonsalves, 4. Gary Boell, 5. Daniel Mueller
Sunday Feb.19
Sunday, skippers arrived early eager to perfectly tune their IOM rigs for light pond conditions. A warm delightful morning with easterly and south easterly flow. Not good for our pond!
As skippers waited for a prevailing breeze to fill in, Fred Rocha presented Special Recognition Awards to our international skippers. Dan Mueller- Brazil, Tony Gonsalves- Barbados and Cristian Plaza- Puerto Rico truly raised the bar at this regional event. Special Appreciation awards were also presented to Dan Shier for Outstanding AMYA Promotion, Derek Landeau- Technical Chairman and Doug Hart- Protest Chairman. After the special recognitions a raffle was held and lucky sailors had an opportunity to win Certificates from Midwest Model Yachts and a handful of blue and black IOM masts.. Really cool prizes!
The wind clocked and sailing started about midday. Our beautiful sunny morning was quickly replaced by an upper cloud deck. The south winds that had plagued us earlier finally shifted right. Heat Number Five-A Fleet started in a light SW 4-5 mph breeze. That said, the entire day winds were light and variable with huge holes on the west end. Fred Rocha, determined to complete as many heats as possible, shortened, adjusted and shifted the marks as winds clocked back to the left. The sky threatened with light sprinkles and cold breeze with 4 heats completed for the day. Trophy presentations were held shortly after the racing. Top sailors for the event (in order of finish): Daniel Mueller, Tony Gonsalves, Gary Boell, Mark Golison, Chris Sullivan. Winners of awards were: Corinthian -- Jason Brooks; and Fair Player -- Ian Beswick

Summary of 2023 IOM R6CR, Red Chevrons
Date: February 18-19, 2023
Location: Mission Bay Model Yacht Pond- San Diego, California
Host Club: San Diego Argonauts AMYA #8
# of Entries: 32
Winds: South West 2-8mph
Races completed: 8 heats ABC Fleets
Scoring System: HMS
Regatta Committee & Valuable Assistants: Tom Warren, Steve Ross, Fred Rocha, Dereck Landeau, Doug Hart, Bob Williams, and Mark Hallberg

2023 IOM R6CR Results
Place Skipper Region Sail# Hull Points
1 Daniel Mueller Brazil 33 BritPOP! 15.0
2 Tony Gonsalves Barbados 51 Cheiz2 20.0
3 Gary Boell California 71 BritPOP! 23.0
4 Mark Golison California 55 V11 25.0
5 Chris Sullivan California 62 BritPOP! 31.0
6 Gary Winton Florida 54 V11 32.0
7 Larry Grant California 85 Sedici 33.0
8 Cristian Plaza Puerto Rico 114 Coqui 39.0
9 George Pedrick California 57 K2 43.0
10 Derick Landeau Virginia 14 BritPOP! 46.0
11 Ian Beswick Washington 40 V8 49.0
12 Dennis Rogers California 43 BritPOP! 49.0
13 Craig Mackey California 29 BritPOP! 52.0
14 Jess Atkinson California 94 ET 59.0
15 Peter Feldman Michigan 44 K2 61.0
16 John Skinner California 146 BritPOP! 64.0
17 Michael Roure New Jersey 171 BritPOP! 69.0
18 Brig North Texas 143 BritPOP! 73.0
19 Gil Jansky California 41 SomTom 79.0
20 Ben Reeve California 04 BritPOP! 95.0
21 Tom Warren California 48 K2 96.0
22 Gerry Wold California 46 V10 107.0
23 Steve Ross California 31 BritPOP! 115.0
24 Gene Harris California 50 V10 115.0
25 Dan Shier Washington 17 BritPOP! 119.0
26 Nick Allen California 87 BritPOP! 127.0
27 Scott Harris California 72 K2 129.0
28 Jason Brooks California 06 BritPOP! 137.0
29 Kim Robbins California 21 Stealth 143.0
30 Keith Sternal California 59 SomTam 148.0
32 Mike Fruciano Arizona 07 Plan B 152