Alamo Classic AMYA Region 5 Victoria Class Championship on 10/6/2023

The following reports are from a different perspective by having the Race Director and myself report on each day in their own words. Thank you to Sylvia Dimayuga for allowing me to post her Facebook post each day!

PRESS RELEASE: Special Guest to Open Skippers Meeting!

I would like to Thank our Special Guest Marina Alderete Gavito - San Antonio District 7 Councilwoman for graciously attending our Skipper's Meeting Saturday morning to open our Regatta and say a few words with the Skippers. This was truly special for me as my father back in the 1970s used to work closely with her father, Joe Alderete, then San Antonio Councilman for the beautification of Woodlawn Lake. Then in the 1990s, I used to work with Mr Alderete as part of a committee to help beautify Woodlawn Lake with the recently passed bond issue and how to spend it. And now here in 2023, I am proud to welcome Marina Alderete Gavito to our Regatta and continue the tradition of working for the future plans and capitol improvements for Woodlawn Lake that will benefit the Woodlawn Sailing Club and future Regattas.
Thank You for your time and maybe next time we can get a radio transmitter in your hands! Good Winds!
Ray Seta - Commodore WSC
Story from Sylvia Dimayuga's Daily Facebook post!
Day started with breakfast of tacos and pan dulce for all. We were honored to have Councilwoman Marina Alderete Gavito, San Antonio City Council District 7 attend our skippers meeting and speak a few words to our skippers. Ray gave a little history of how her father Joe Alderete was on City Council and Papa Seta used to work with them on behalf of Woodlawn Sailing Club back in the 70's. We are happy that she was able to stay and enjoy a couple of races . We thank her for her support and taking the time to visit with us this morning. After 16 races sailed, Ronald Stephanz (Florida) currently in 1st place, Chris Macaluso (Tomball) in 2nd and AL Ross (Louisiana) in 3rd. Winds were 12-15 mph this morning peaking at 18. This afternoon they settled down to 5-8mph. Big thank you to Joshua Seta for picking up lunch for us. We enjoyed a catered BBQ lunch of chicken, sausage, green beans, cream corn and potato salad from the Charcoal Grill. We also enjoyed 'Paletas' (Mexican ice cream) during our breaks in between races. Thank you Josie Josephine Camarillo for helping me with my duties as Race Director. Also thanks to our chase boat drivers Terry Lindeman and my wuv Ray Seta. We always have someone on the water for rescues, moving marks or dropping finish line mark. We had a lot of spectators today and educated quite a few on RC sailing . Stayed tuned for more racing, tomorrow Day 2 of the ALAMO CLASSIC. #RegattaLife #racedirector

Day 2 by Sylvia Dimayuga
The ALAMO CLASSIC VICTORIA R5 CHAMPIONSHIP hosted by the Woodlawn Sailing Club is in the books. Congratulations to Uncle Ronald Stephanz (Florida) for being our new R5 Champion. Second place goes to Chris Macaluso , defending champion from Tomball and rounding out the podium is William Ramlo from Woodlawn Sailing Club. Silver Fleet- 1st Bruce Huckaba (Dallas), 2- Leon Lance (WSC), 3rd Dick Azzam (Alabama). Special Finisher was Bob George (WSC). We, my wuv Ray Seta and I arrived at the lake at 7:30am to see the sunrise and be greeted by our over night security team of Joe and John Sheffeld, Joe's son and their vicious guard dog . Joe and John have been our over night security for the past 20 years. Breakfast was Taco Cabana tacos, pan dulce and barbacoa and Big Red. We were able to complete 6 races with 2 abandoned races before lunch. Lunch was hamburgers and hot dogs grilled by Rick Phillips. Thanks to Denise McGlothing Delgado for getting the sides ready for lunch and clean up afterwards. The wind died to Zero after lunch so the regatta was called at 2pm. Once again a big thank you to Josie Josephine Camarillo for recording finishes and helping me with my Race Director duties, Terry Lindeman for being our chase boat driver and my wuv Ray for calling the courses for some great sailing. Sixteen skippers from Canada, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Dallas, Tomball, Austin, Kehma, and our very own Woodlawn Sailing Club sailed this 2 day event. Thank you everyone that stayed and helped tear down the venue and getting things put away. We ended the evening with dinner at Alamo Cafe with Mike, Ron, AL, Dick, William and Cammie... good food and great company. #RegattaLife #racedirector

2023 AMYA Victoria R5 Champions
Congratulations to the trophy winners for this years AMYA Victoria R5 Championship Regatta!
Gold Fleet
1st Place ........ Ron Stephanz - Rotonda West, FL
2nd Place ....... Chris Macaluso - Tomball, TX
3rd Place ........ William Ramlo - San Antonio, TX
Silver Fleet
1st PLace ....... Bruce Huckaba - Dallas, TX
2nd Place ...... Leon Lance - San Antonio, TX
3rd Place ....... Dick Azzam - Madison, AL
Special Finisher Award ...... Bob George - San Antonio, TX
Good Winds!
See ya next year!
Ray Seta - Regatta Chairman '23

PRESS RELEASE: Takes a Team to pull off
As the pics and videos come in from various contributors, I will take this 1st opportunity to Thank my TEAM/STAFF at Woodlawn Sailing Club. For this 20th annual Alamo Classic Victoria Regatta, some of these folks have been around since the very beginning. Note to self about Volunteers........Never take them for granted and give them the respect and appreciation they deserve every year and you will have help for life!!!!!.

Race Committee : Sylvia Dimayuga, Josie Camarillo , myself
Rescue Boat : Terry Linderman
Club House Mgr : Denise Richard Delgado
T-shirt Committee : Missy & David Smedley
Overnight Security : Joe & John Sheffield & Family
Venue Set-up : Joshua Seta, Marty Giblin, Bob George, Jacob Amesquita, Leon Lance, Joe Roddy & Dagney
Saturday/Sunday Breakfast : Richard/Denise Delgado, WSC
Saturday Lunch : Charcoal Grill, San Antonio,TX
Sunday Lunch; Rick Phillips (cook), WSC
Throphies : Hobby Lobby
Main Sponsor : Eugene Simor, Alamo Beer Brewery
Raffle Sponsor : Chuck Lamahieu, Dragon Sailing North America
Event Sponsorship : Victoria Class, AMYA, Justin Lian(WSC Member)
Speical Guest : Marina Alderete Gavito, San Antonio Distric 7 Councilwoman

Thank You to all these folks for once again helping me and the Woodlawn Sailing Club continue to put on THE SHOW this year and helping keep the quality of the event to an upper level. Of course it goes without saying that it is with your dedication and support that we here at WSC can host a regatta we can be proud of and is alway the talk of the skippers as the one not to ever miss! And last but certainly not least the out-of-Region skippers from accross the state line to traditionally always find their way back every year! I think its always the good Mexican food they get from the regatta or social get togethers that brings them back!

Canada - Mike Wagstaff
Florida - Ron Stephanz - Victoria Class Sec.
Alabama - Dick Richard Azzam
Luisianna - Al Ross
Stay tunes for more pics and videos in the next few days!!!

Plans are already in the planning for the 2024 Alamo Classic Victoria Regatta , known as THE SHOW! Good Winds!
Ray Seta - WSC Commodore & Regatta Chairman