FYBOR XIII on 12/3/2023
Submitted By: Cape May Ray, Mid-Atlantic Model Yacht Club Fleet Captain
Region: 2
Class: EC-12
Chevrons: Green Recurring
Date: 12/3/2023 - 12/3/2023
Location: Laurel Acres Park  Mount Laurel,  NJ

First, we want to thank all the sailors who showed up to race on a wet December Sunday. FYBOR is known for its unpredictable weather. We have sailed in Snow, Rain, Cold, Heat (one year you could wear shorts) and one year the lake was frozen over. Today was no exception. On the way to racing we all knew it was going to be a challenging day with light winds and rain forecast for the day. No one was excited to sail with the weather predicted, but you guys came and handled it like troopers.

As with any regatta it is a team event to make sure it all comes together. Dave Branning, who was in charge, worked, worried and put forth the effort to make sure it all worked. Plus, he got the commemorate glassware for everyone. Great job, we wouldn't want to do it without you Dave! Plus, he toughed it out all morning sitting in the rain when he probably should have been home in bed trying get rid of his cold. Judy Bonanno did a multitude of jobs putting together lunch, picking up the loose ends, helping with the scoring and keeping Dave and all of us in line. She earned her pay today. Dom is having canned peas for dinner tonight!!! You had to be there to understand.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the dock and buoys in and out.

Now, for the racing report:
After raining all night big puddles were everywhere. We set up in light rain and started the first race with light winds and light rain. It really wasn't all that bad. There was enough wind to provide fair racing as boats were moving with some dead spots and wind shifts, but we had some good racing. As the morning progressed the rain stopped, and we had less wind making sailing a little more challenging. For the most part we all had fun sailing with friends and we all had some laughs and good times and like always the cream came to the top or to the front of the pack.

By the time we broke for lunch. Jamey Betz and Danny Thomas were battling head-to-head for Top Gun Honors for the day, with Jarl Wathne and Dave Ramos in contention for the third spot.

After Lunch Dave Branning decided to give-in to common sense and went home to get better, and left Cape May Ray and Judy to continue with the show. Just as we were getting ready launch there was zero wind. After waiting a couple of minutes, we saw a trickle of air. We decided we would race and do three more races if we could. DING!!! the race started and within seconds of crossing the starting line the wind again died. It really died! We all struggled to make it around the course. It was painful and when the last boat crossed the finish line, we called it a day. That last race was salt on the wound. Everyone was relieved and glad we shortened the day and they could get an early start home. We did the trophy presentation and all headed home.

As you can see by looking at the score sheet, the battle between Jamey and Danny was head-to-head, to the end. They were both tied for 1st place and the tie breaker went to Jamey who had four 1sts on the day. That's close racing! Jarl Wathne just barely edged out Dave Ramos for third place.

Jamey gets to proudly display the revered garage sale Ice Bucket Trophy until the 2024 FYBOR. Congratulations Jamey! Job well done!
Race Results for FYBOR XIII
Type  Place  Skipper Sail#  Points  City  St  Home Club 
Single 1 James Betz  34 10 Meadowbrook PA MID-ATLANTIC MODEL YACHT CLUB
Single 2 Daniel Thomas  405 10 Highland MD MARYLAND MODEL YACHT CLUB
Single 3 Jarl Wathne  188 21 Falling Waters WV CUMBERLAND VALLEY MODEL YACHT CLUB
Single 4 David Ramos  5 23 Stevensville MD CHESAPEAKE BAY MODEL RACING ASSOCIATION
Single 5 Fred DeSantis  50 32 Ocean City NJ MID-ATLANTIC MODEL YACHT CLUB
Single 6 Stuart Challoner  (Stu) 93 37 Toms River NJ METEDECONK RIVER YACHT CLUB
Single 7 Douglas Wotring  1762 39 CAMP HILL PA  
Single 8 Drew Beach  1686 41 Annapolis MD  
Single 9 Domenick Bonanno  (Dom) 888 45 Shrewsbury NJ Marbleheaders of Spring Lake
Single 10 Ray Szulczewski  2216 57 Cape May NJ MID-ATLANTIC MODEL YACHT CLUB
Single 11 Roger Baldwin  2178 62 Park City UT MID-ATLANTIC MODEL YACHT CLUB
Single 12 Martin Besant  1870 65 Piscataway NJ MID-ATLANTIC MODEL YACHT CLUB
Single 13 Rick Boulay  (Boulay) 35 70 Queenstown MD  
Single 14 William Sysyn  (Bill) 2019 71 Forked River NJ MID-ATLANTIC MODEL YACHT CLUB
Single 99 Mark Rinehart  166 0 Dover DE MID-ATLANTIC MODEL YACHT CLUB
Single 99 James Flach  2092 0 Norristown PA  
Single 99 D. Scott Todd  78 0 Woolford MD MID-ATLANTIC MODEL YACHT CLUB
Single 99 Sean Bradley  (Sean) 1808 0 Point Pleasant NJ TWILIGHT LAKE MODEL BOAT CLUB