• SAFETY FIRST - for your antenna tip, some type of safety ball is required practice golf balls, or antenna balls are good choices. 
  • Templates and instructions for applying numbers to your sails
  • Battery Packs - Do It Yourself
  • US 1M construction tips file
  • The CR-914 NEWS, information specific to CR-914's and many GREAT General interest Hints and Tips.  The BEST article on Radio problems in CR 914 News issue #34.
  • How to make your radio "throttle" stick not self center (or stay where you put it!)
  • The Other Best tip site I've ever found, Lester Gilbert's site (http://www.onemetre.net)
    Lester is a professor I think and his technical articles are Excellent!
  • Shady Idea by David Goebel - Need some cool shade at your wide open sailing site, here's my solution.
  • Setting marks - different ways to set racing buoys for R/C Yachting
  • Make your own buoys (or marks) for R/C Model Yacht Racing
  • Inexpensive Boat Stand by Tony Pardinas, can't get much easier than this.
  • Race Handicapping systems - this allows boats and skippers of different capabilities to sail together with a fair system
  • Paul Kylander's Sailing Manual
  • Single Arm or Double Arm Sail Arm setup
  • Sail Arm Gauge - No More Mystery to figure out the right sail arm for your boat.
  • How to measure a Sail arm length required for your boat.
  • Make your own club squadron burgee by Steve Thompson
  • Traveling with your RC Sailboat (from the Victoria Discussion forum)
  • Kelley Van Beek Race Scoring Excel Spreadsheet
    (Submitted by Rob Davis, IOM Class Secretary)
  • Completely Free Sailing Scoring (Race Scoring) system Check
    it out at SailWave