The Committee Has Approved Chuck Black And Rich Matt As The 2003 AMYA Hall Of Fame Inductees.

It is my pleasure to submit Chuck Black for nomination to our AMYA Hall of Fame. I have enjoyed a close relationship with Chuck for 15 years. He is a Navy seafaring man and retired as a USN Captain. He was a Destroyer Commanding Officer. His early sailboat racing was done in Snipes, which his wife Jane tells me he built in their living room. It is very difficult to get Chuck to brag about his accomplishments and I thank Rich Matt, Paul Meskill, Bob DeBow and Chuck`s wife Jane for their help.

His first experience with R/C Boats was on the Reflecting Pool in Washington, DC sailing the EC 12 in 1964. Chucks AMYA number is 078, which means he joined in 1970. AMYA issue #5 (Fall 1971) shows Chuck winning the West Coast 12M first Annual Class Championship.
1972-1974 Chuck was a Director and the Association's Secretary.
1974-1976 Chuck was a Director (Racing Rules) and also the Class Secretary for the 36-600 Class.
1976-1978 Director (Racing Rules)
1979-1980 Class Secretary for the 50-800 Class.
1980-1982 Chuck was a Director (Scheduling) and also Class Secretary for the 50-800 Class
1982-1984 Director (Scheduling).
So you can see, Chuck has been involved with the affairs of AMYA as a Board Member and Class Secretary for a solid 10-11 years.

His racing accomplishments are too numerous to list. He won the following ACCR Class Championships:
N-12-M 1974
36/600 1977 and 1985
S/B OD 1977
M 1975, 1977, and 1981
Three Championships in one year!

Chuck has built R/C Boats and Sails for some 30 years. Currently he has restricted his business effort to building sails. He is an expert sailmaker who is known for his helpfulness to beginning sailors and his skill in race management. Rich mentioned that he has probably written more Regatta Reports for Model Yachting than any other person. He is currently serving as Vice Commodore for Sail with the San Diego Argonauts.

As is said in the Navy, he is definitely a "credit to the service."

Pete Jefferson
Soling 50 Class Secretary
Mr. Rich Matt's Nomination

When you build a list of people who have contributed to Model Yachting and the AMYA over the years, no matter how short you want to make the list, one name will always appear, Rich Matt of Oak Brook, Illinois. Rich is one of the founders of the AMYA and has continuously held AMYA number 0004 since 1970. His accomplishments and contributions make a very long list.
As founder and contributor to the AMYA, he designed the AMYA logo and shoulder patch, he helped establish the AMYA Constitution, class structure, sanctioned clubs, and regatta schedule and calendar. He has been the point contact for AMYA liability insurance since its inception in 1970. In addition to being the first president of our organization, he has also held the positions of our original quarterly newsletter editor, vice president, managing editor and photo editor of Model Yachting magazine, and regional director. While involved in every aspect imaginable, his list of offices held is almost continuous for over 34 years. As a contributor to the hobby, Rich has penned numerous articles for Model Yachting and has published "Building a competitive yet economical Santa Barbara." That book is published and available still through the AMYA Ships Store and is the authority for the class.
Rich most recently has pushed his region, Region 4, to begin interclub racing, which repeatedly brings together sailors in the Midwest.
The nomination for Rich to the AMYA Hall of Fame consisted of over four pages of history, accomplishments, and contributions. No one person more typifies the standards of the Hall of Fame than Richard J. Matt, 2003 Hall of Fame inductee.