Art Hawes
Art Hawes has been a member of AMYA since 1997. He founded the Englewood Model Sailing Club, (AMYA Club #155) and co-founded the Deep Creek MYC, later becoming Sun Coast Model Sailing Club (#211). Art served as Commodore of the Englewood Model Sailing Club for five years and Race Director (RD) for 18 years. He has served the Sun Coast Club as Rear Commodore and RD for 14 years. He also served in all positions of the Sun Art Hawes has been a member of AMYA since 1997. He founded the Englewood Model Sailing Club,

(AMYA Club #155) and co-founded the Deep Creek MYC, later becoming SunCoast Model Sailing Club leadership. He was instrumental in obtaining and placing race marks, setting up racing schedules, and holding many rules clinics to enhance the quality of the racing program.

For both the Deep Creek and Sun Coast clubs, Art has set up racing programs and educational programs, both for individuals and groups. He has established regatta schedules; has run many regattas as RD; has provided all race equipment, from scoring systems to race marks; as well as arrange work parties to keep the pond site clean and enjoyable for all sailors and spectators. With his and our commodore's guidance and influence, the Sun Coast club has grown to its current 78 AMYA members. Art has established Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Copper Fleets for seasonal racing within the club.

Art has also designed and improved race formats, including implementing the Odds and Evens scoring system, which has become popular in Florida. With his enthusiasm as RD and co-teacher for new sailors, the Sun Coast Model Sailing Club has grown to its current level. As a result of Art.s positive influence and continued promotion of RC sailing as a fun sport, our club's members race Soling One Meter, US12, EC 12, and Micro Magic Class model yachts. Art has encouraged all of our sailors to sail in AMYA regional and national regattas, resulting in high finishes for many of our club members.

Art has built about 25 Solings and 10 US12s. In 2009, he wrote an article entitled "Building a US12 Model Yacht," which appeared in Issue 158 of Model Yachting and discussed improved building techniques. Also, the US builder of both the US12 and Liberty Class boats retained him as a consultant. He served as RD for many AMYA Region 3 Championship Regattas (R3CRs). He has raced in 10 Florida Soling Championships, winning six or seven times. He has won two AMYA Soling One Meter R3CRs, as well as two AMYA US12 R3CRs. He has finished first, second, and third in three US12 Class AMYA NCRs and second and fourth in two Soling One Meter AMYA NCRs.

At our club's annual meeting, our members voted unanimously to nominate Art for this national honor. Art is a shining example of an active and hardworking club member who supports local AMYA programs and promotes AMYA growth. Welcome Art Hawes to the AMYA Hall of Fame.

Pat Butterworth
To our great, good fortune, there have been and are many unsung volunteer heroes serving the AMYA, and Pat Butterworth stands with the group at the top of that considerable list. Nominated by John Davis and Rich Matt, in recognition of his dedicated service to the AMYA as Copy Editor of Model Yachting magazine, Pat Butterworth is one of our 2013 inductees to the AMYA Hall of Fame.

Pat became the official Copy Editor in 2005 with the publication of Issue 140, but he actually started his work with Issue 138, making it 38 issues of hard work, as of this writing, and still going strong. Pat.s work is generally not known, but he has made a world of difference in what we read in our magazine and what there is very little of: spelling and grammar errors, and sentences that are difficult to read and understand. We sailors are not usually writers, but we are readers, and we do appreciate and expect good writing. Poor writing and spelling errors stand out like sore thumbs, and they ruin the credibility of articles in our magazine. You may not know what a copy editor does, but getting the copy (words and sentences) correct makes all the difference between a good read and a struggle. As the new Managing Editor, starting with Issue 137, I knew we needed a person who could spot the details that were wrong and find a fix for them, so I put out the call for help. It turns out that Jim Linville, our Technical Editor and Illustrator, had been a professional copy editor, and he had a friend and fellow club member he thought would be ideal for this volunteer job, Pat Butterworth.

We hit a string of victories when we gained Pat for the Model Yachting staff team. He is a retired engineer and business owner who has applied his significant background skill set to the benefit of our AMYA. Pat has worked hard and developed a real skill for spotting spelling and grammar errors, and he has become a tremendous help to our sailor authors and everyone else who contributes material to our magazine. Did I say we aren’t writers? Pat makes us all look good, and because he is such a helpful wordsmith, more sailors are contributing as authors, and we are gaining more article content in every issue. "I cannot write," is no longer an obstacle; if an author can speak it and write it down, Pat turns those words into prose we can read and appreciate, while honoring the essence of each author.s voice (occasionally keeping some incorrect gramatical phrasing preferred by an author, columnist, or class secretary).

Pat is an active member of his local club, the Minuteman MYC (#25), serving the Boston, Massachusetts, area. He builds and races model yachts of several AMYA sanctioned classes, and he is an active member of the US Vintage Model Yacht Group. His constant effort to help his club and promote model yachting in his area has earned him the reputation of always being there when you need a hard worker. Since he joined in 2002, Pat has helped write and produce the Minuteman MYC newsletter, is the club.s Secretary/Treasurer, and participates in many other model yachting activities in the Northeast. Also, Pat is a serious amateur photographer who has contributed several cover images for our Model Yachting magazine, and is now the Acting Photo Editor.

As far as I am concerned, all of the members of the Model Yachting staff deserve recognition for their efforts and volunteer contributions to our association. Pat stands out because of his daily (and absolute) commitment in time, energy, and personal effectiveness. Pat spends as much time and effort as this Managing Editor toward making Model Yachting the best publication about our pastime and worthy of the support of our members. As Copy Editor of Model Yachting, the hard work and dedication of Pat Butterworth makes our magazine a real pleasure to read. From all of us, thank you, Pat.