Chuck Buzek

Chuck joined the AMYA in 1977, and as one of its early members, he has a wealth of practical knowledge, which makes him indispensable to the leadership of the organization in a very challenging period. As AMYA Vice President, it was not the time for “On the Job Training”. It was the time for proven leadership in that vital position.

Chuck’s leadership as Region 3 Director for many years resulted in that Region leading all others in club development and member growth. In less than ten years, Chuck and his friend Tony DiMarzio were directly instrumental in growing the club population from 11 in Region 3 to 44 in Florida alone. He is well known in that Region for his wide travel to events all over the Region. He gave countless hours of his time to help new members, organize regattas and Championships, and was an example that other Regional Directors should use as benchmark. He, along with Tony, started and fostered the growth of both the All Florida Soling Cup and the Florida EC12 Association. Chuck could always be counted on to provide information and support from his Region, and to do so in a timely manner. Chuck would take on the difficult assignments and produce a better result than expected. He was always willing to take on special projects and always exceeded expectations.

Following his taking office as your elected Vice President, we saw his strong focus on getting the business matters of the organization in good order, while working closely with President Maxson to keep the agenda moving.

Every President has experienced the frustration of having to work with a fully volunteer Board. While an individual may have the best of intentions, we live in a very busy time, and often what is in the best interest of our organization is not a top priority for everyone all the time. I can assure you that Chuck is the exception to that rule. The AMYA is on the top of his list, and he has given the time, energy, and caring to not only meet the demands of the organization, no matter what he focused on in all his positions over the years, including in the position of Vice President, but to exceed its calling. We could always count on Chuck to give 100 percent—and to speak his mind.

John Snow

John Snow is an expert on the history of our hobby/sport who collects classic model yachts and designs. He is the founder of the US Vintage Model Yacht Group (USVMYG), and has been president since its inception. He joined the AMYA in the 1980s and has been a member of the Marblehead Model Yacht Club ever since. John has often served as an officer of the club. The Marblehead Model Yacht Club is the oldest model yacht club in the US. It is the home of the Marblehead Class. Living in Marblehead, Mass., he has worked with the Marblehead Historical Society and Library, mostly on projects relating to classic model yachting.

In addition, John is an active J Class and Vintage Marblehead skipper and has participated in and supported numerous J Class and VM events.

When people show up at pondside, John will offer his transmitter and some sailing banter. From there he will offer coaching and building assistance, gradually bringing the neophyte into the club and making that new skipper a better sailor.

Starting with the 100th Anniversary of the Marblehead Model Yacht Club in 1994, John has been at the forefront of organizing and promoting the USVMYG as a way to expose model yachting and the AMYA to both the general public and influential full-scale yachting and boating organizations. Every year since then, John has organized and brought about between one and three major public events that promote model yachting. John's work has led to strong ties between AMYA and WoodenBoat Magazine, the WoodenBoat Shows, and the WoodenBoat School; the International Yacht Restoration School; the Museum of Yachting; Mystic Seaport; and the Herreshoff Marine Museum and America's Cup Hall of Fame. All of the shows he has organized and manned have drawn people into the USVMYG and the AMYA.

Among the major events John has spent hundreds of hours bringing to fruition were the first exposure of model yachting at the WoodenBoat Show in 1997, the Mystic Seaport Model Yacht Regattas between 2000 and 2008, the biennial Woods Hole Model Yacht Show, the 2004 model yacht exhibit at the Museum of Yachting, which was the largest model yacht exhibit ever held in the USA, and the 2007 Celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Marblehead Class.

John's demonstrated energy, enthusiasm, organizational skills, and accomplishments fully justify his inclusion in the Hall of Fame. It is doubtful that anyone has done more to put model yachting and the AMYA before the public.