John Davis

Sometimes your pastime becomes your creative passion. John Davis joined the AMYA in 1975 as AMYA #1984. He had sailed and raced dinghies to Quarter-tonners since age 10, and the challenge and competition were great fun, but the big boats just got too expensive. Model yachts had all the same appeal, and the added fun of building, all at a reasonable cost.

John studied art in college, but found his vocation when he enlisted in the US Navy, was trained as an Electronics/Computer Technician, and served aboard Polaris missile nuclear submarines. John has been actively involved in Scouting since age eleven. He is an Eagle Scout, a past Scoutmaster, and is currently active as a member of the local Scout Council Board. He served on the Des Moines Planning and Zoning Commission for seven years. He is currently a Kodak Field Engineer working with various digital proofing and computer-to-plate technologies at printing plants throughout Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Illinois. John served as Print Production Director for ten years for a Young & Rubicam advertising agency in Des Moines, Iowa. That experience, plus his appreciation for the direction in which Jack Gregory had led Model Yachting magazine, rekindled his interest in helping with the magazine, as Features Editor. He became the Managing Editor in January of 2005 and is currently serving in that role.

John’s first leadership role in the AMYA was as Marblehead (50-800) Class Secretary (1980-82). Given the circumstances at the time, that led to his nomination and election as AMYA President (1983-84). During his tenure as President, John supported several changes designed to allow for the growth of the AMYA, the most significant being to implement Regional Directors. Also during his tenure, the Quarterly Newsletter Editor resigned, his replacement mysteriously walked away with the newsletter archives (never to be found), and John found himself serving as “accidental” Editor of the Newsletter for Issues 52–54. He finally found Gene Dunham, who successfully served in that role for nearly eight years and is now a member of the AMYA Hall of Fame. John is active in the leadership and conduct of his local club, the Iowa Model Yacht Club. Over the years, he has served as Regatta Director for several local and regional regattas, as well as two Marblehead NCRs.

To conclude, part of the summary from John’s nomination reads: “Any nominee for induction into our Hall of Fame should represent the highest standards of what our organization stands for; not only in his direct contribution to the AMYA in the pursuit of his sailing agenda, but also with willingness to jump in and do the thankless jobs that must be done for an organization to survive. A nominee must also be expected to conduct himself in a manner which shines a favorable light on the AMYA where ever he goes. His moral and ethical character must never be in doubt. These are high standards for anyone to live up to, but should be the bar over which each candidate should have to clear before being inducted–John Davis easily clears that bar.”

George Dornis
As AMYA #297, George Dornis has been an AMYA member since the early 1970’s. He has actively assisted many clubs in the LA area, and is currently a member of Club #23, Helmsmen MYC, Long Beach, California, and Club #89, Orange County MSC, Irvine, California. He has not served as an AMYA officer because he has manufactured model yacht kits from the beginning, and has avoided conflicts of interest. He has greatly served the growth of the AMYA and model yachting as a significant manufacturer of model yacht kits for over 30 years.

George has worked very hard over the years to produce reasonably priced model yacht kits to the benefit of our members. He has built his small business from a part-time garage operation to an efficient, small manufacturing facility. His effort to build a stable company dedicated to building reasonably priced model yachts and kits is a real testament to his dedication to our pastime of model yachting. His company, Victor Model Products, manufactures the Soling One Meter, the most popular class of model yacht sanctioned by the AMYA. He also manufactures kits (and in some cases, completed boats) for the following sanctioned classes: V-32, Footy, and Soling 50.

George’s consistent contribution of effort to manufacture kits for popular classes has had significant impact on the growth of the AMYA. Without his efforts we would be far less of an organization, and wanting for such a dedicated manufacturer of reasonably priced and good sailing kits. George has been a quiet, friendly and ever-encouraging force in the growth of model yachting in the United States, and has certainly earned this recognition as a member of the AMYA Hall of Fame.

Paul Meskill
Paul Meskill is a living definition of what it really means to be an “active” member of the AMYA. Paul joined the AMYA in 1970 as AMYA #063 and has maintained an active involvement in model yachting in local clubs in upstate New York and in our national association. Paul is currently a member of the Rochester Area Model Yacht Association and the Buffalo Model Boat Club; he is the AMYA Historian and a member of the staff of Model Yachting magazine. Many current local members owe their first experience of model yachting to Paul—he gladly handed them a transmitter for a boat on the water and let them have at it. Paul Meskill served a term as AMYA President (1985-86), after serving as an AMYA Director (1983-84). The AMYA had implemented significant changes in the previous term, and Paul’s leadership and skill helped settle the association after the turmoil of change. He served several years as the AMYA Manufacturers and Suppliers Representative and the magazine Advertising Manager (which he is currently doing, again). Paul served as a supporter and attendee of the Toledo Model Show and for several years manned an AMYA booth, promoting model yachting and our association.

Paul has actively designed and raced model yachts and is first mentioned in the AMYA Quarterly Newsletter #5 as having competed in the first annual Mid-Atlantic States R/C Yacht Regatta. He won the Bauer Trophy, racing a Santa Barbara, came in second for the Clough Trophy with a Marblehead (50-800), and was awarded the Hiner Memorial Award for “his skill as a designer of fittings and as an engineer for the way his R/C gear was installed for his method of sail control.” In 1974 Paul represented the then upstart AMYA in Grossport, England, in the first Marblehead International Regatta. He has been an avid builder and re-builder of his Epic and Mepic, and other model yacht designs.

Paul’s professional career was as a Manufacturing Engineer, specializing in Computer Controlled Machine Tools. He has used his expertise in Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to develop model yacht drawings and brochures for use by the AMYA. Over the years, he has shared his skill and enthusiasm for sailing, photography, and computers. Paul is an experienced and skilled Regatta Director and has served as RD of many regattas throughout the years. Paul Meskill has been a promoter and supporter of r/c model yachting from the beginning of the AMYA and is among the best of those who have volunteered their time, effort, and dollars to build our association. Paul’s nomination paper notes these key points: his length of membership; his leadership and service to the AMYA; his sense of humor and goodwill; his willingness to give, give, give; his travel around the USA and England promoting the AMYA; his service as RD of many regattas; and his sharing of his talents and skills.

Paul Meskill is the embodiment of what an AMYA member should be. He has always been there when asked. He is never afraid to volunteer his help in any way. He is friendly to all fine competitors and a willing sharer of his knowledge and good humor. We are honored to offer this recognition as a member of the AMYA Hall of Fame.