John Hanks III
John has been the AMYA Executive Secretary since 1999, the Region 5 Director since 1996, and the J Class Secretary since 1998, a very significant commitment to the vitality of the AMYA and the J Class. But, it all started for John when he joined the AMYA in 1976, beginning 33 continuous years as a member. During that time, John has been a ramrod of the London Bridge MYC in Lake Havasu, Arizona, holding just about every office in the club. He organized and directed the Reno Super Sail regattas for 14 years; designed and built a Marblehead yacht and published the lines in Rod Carr’s column for the benefit of other members; wrote a J Boat construction article for Model Yachting, which has since been used by members to build this magnificent boat; updated the US One Meter design that finished second in the 1992 NCR and was a pattern for future development; followed up that effort with a US One Meter design that took second in the 2006 Arizona State Championship; is active in the 36/600 Class as both a sailor and in helping others with scratch-built boats; and has also build tug boats and Schooners. These are just some of the highlights of John Hanks’s long commitment to the AMYA and model yachting. Welcome John Hanks III to the AMYA Hall of Fame.

Doug Hemingway
Doug has been an AMYA member since 1972, and you may know him as the AMYA Regatta Coordinator and Regatta Reports Editor, posts he has held for years. Ever wonder where those chevrons come from? Yes, Doug is responsible for them, too! But, Doug has done much more that most don’t know about. Locally (Buffalo, N.Y.), Doug is most likely to be the “sparkplug” for any event in which his club is involved. He has always stepped up, as a volunteer, when he has perceived there is a need. He has supported many club functions and is always helping to run numerous local, regional and national regattas. Many of us have seen and used his very large (so all can see) scorecards. He has served as RD for many NCRs. It has always been a pleasure to attend or help run an event run by Doug. His planning is one of the reasons regattas run by Doug run so well.

What even fewer members may know is that Doug designed and distributed to all the Class Secretaries a very user-friendly database for them to use to organize their class records. Nobody asked him to do it; he just saw the need, had the skills, and did it! His current project is probably known by only a handful of members—the development of a new database for the entire AMYA. Again, in spite of private health issues, he knew how, so he unselfishly volunteered his time and effort to research the association’s needs and match them to an existing database platform. Doug then found a local vendor who, with his help, can deliver what we need at considerable savings to the AMYA.

We think the AMYA is lucky to have such a devoted member. He is a good sailor, competitive on the water, and while giving you all the competition you will ever need, does so with great sportsmanship. Welcome Doug Hemingway to the AMYA Hall of Fame.

Jim Linville
Jim joined the AMYA about 15 years ago. In 1999 he was elected Region 1 Director. The next year he took on the task of US One Meter Class Secretary. As class secretary, with an interest in boat building, he revised the US One Meter Construction Guide. He resigned in 2005, but by 2007, somehow he was right back in the saddle, and still is. Jim has donated his time to the Class Advisory Committees of both the EC12 and Soling One Meter Class. Now, Jim is back where he started, Region 1 Director—again. But a lot of what Jim did outside his club is a reflection of what he did at home—in the Minuteman MYC.
In recent years, Jim has virtually led the club, even though until last year he was not a club officer. He was always there. He prepared the club sailing schedule, brought the rescue kayak to the pond for all of our sailing events, helped new members learn to sail, answered countless building questions, and invited many to his home to help them build their boats. Jim, along with his wife until she passed away, single handedly edited and published the Minuteman MYC Newsletter. That sometimes meant writing the articles and taking the photos. Wherever Jim was needed he was there. He has also routinely helped to organize and administer regattas and boat shows at Woods Hole, Mass. and Mystic, Connecticut.
However, what has occupied Jim most has been his work on the editorial staff of Model Yachting Magazine! He started ten years ago as Technical Editor, a post he held for seven years, followed by Illustrations Editor, a slot he still occupies. As part of that job, he composes nearly all of the ads and illustrations that go into the magazine. This description does not do justice to all of what Jim has done for Model Yachting. He has done whatever was needed, including article rewrites, copyediting, and proofreading. He also helped John Davis assemble the team that now puts out the magazine.
In recent years, Jim has been able to take his boats from coast-to-coast, Florida to Canada, to sail in many regional and national regattas, and when an RD was needed, he was there. Jim has been a real ambassador, and leader of model yachting. Welcome Jim Linville to the AMYA Hall of Fame.